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To my most enchanting new acquaintance,


I cannot help it, it as if you have put me under a spell or trapped me in a fever. I'm afraid you might be the only

cure to the illness you have so carelessly given me.

If you have any measure of pity or compassion in your alluring heart, I beg you to join me this week to go stargazing. Only such a background is suited for your charms.

Your enraptured prince, Zarad


Before the date, you have the option of talking to Avalie

MC 1st Date
  • There was no point in wondering about all sorts of nonsensical scenarios. The truth would end up being the truth and wondering about it wouldn't change anything.
  • You couldn't stop your mind from conjuring all sorts of possible explanations and scenarios. from the plausible, to into the completely ridiculous to the actually impossible. (Secret demon-possessed twin, anyone?)
The date only continues if you picked the right choices & have the right skills
Insert Date Dialogue*

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