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“I do my very best not to waste the time with lovely ladies that could be spent in much more interesting ways.”

Zarad is a delegate from Corval. See also:


The third prince of Corval has already managed to attain an international reputation as a flirt and charming womanizer. But despite his reputation can anyone truly be that superficial and survive Corval court?

Attempting to get the know the real Zarad will be a challenge for even the savviest of ladies, especially as it requires putting up with his flirtations without becoming the latest in a long string of women to lose your heart to them.


Prince Zarad has big, dark, beguiling eyes that can pull people in. The candlelight dances across his honey skin and makes his chestnut hair look like it's streaked with gold.

His tall, toned frame is covered from top to bottom in fancy silks and jewels, but the way he moves makes it clear he views them as annoyances, not baubles to be shown off.

He has a natural cat-like grace, that can't help but make the MC feel a little nervous.


The handsome third prince of Corval is an irredeemable flirt with a reputation as caring for nothing more than fine jewels, pretty girls and aimless pleasures.

There isn't much else known about the mysterious prince of Corval. He is infamous for his womanizing ways, he flirts with all and gives his heart to none. Rumors say that he is hopeless and unambitious, has a flirtatious and superfluous nature and is only at the summit to play. Whether that can possibly be true is yet to be seen, like most things from Corval, it's best to assume he is more than he seems.

Corval MC notes that Prince Zarad only attended events with much less respectable guests.



Week 1[]

Welcome Feast Convo[]

The delegation from Corval is dressed to impress, wearing half of their wealth on their persons.

“In Corval, to have as uniform a reputation as the Prince meant you went around carefully cultivating it. And if he could do that, he was much more than he seemed.”
—Corval MC

  • "In the same flirtatious tone, return his compliments with friendly insults" (+5 insight)


Zarad will send a letter referring to the MC as his “most enchanting new acquaintance.” He claims that she has put him under a spell that has trapped him in a fever and only her presence can cure him. He “begs” her to take pity on him and go stargazing with him.

Zarad's Date[]

The MC heads to the appointed date spot only to find Lady Avalie instead of Prince Zarad. She greets the MC and comments on how unkind it is for a companion to leave her all on her own and that by coincidence she too is waiting to meet up with a certain charmer from Corval. An insightful MC who has some knowledge of how people work is able to see through Avalie’s little test. Otherwise, MC will worry about the insinuation.

Zarad makes his appearance, having been watching the exchange, and will either clear up the situation or teasing inquire about what happened.

Depending on the MC’s background, the prince will have different conversations

  • Hise MC’s conversations turns to how best to defend the honor of their respective, conflicting countries. Zarad will propose a duel while MC is in favor of a drinking contest. He asks if she thinks he could survive there.
  • Corval MC will have Zarad speak of how he met MC's mother as a small child.
  • Jiyel MC will have Zarad talk about her sudden selection on the Jiyel delegation.
  • Revaire MC will have Zarad offer condolences for her late husband.
  • Wellin MC will have Zarad will make note that she is much better at politics than she pretends.
  • Arland MC’s sister will be brought up and her overall safety and wellbeing.

If the mc somehow manages to achieve the maximum amount of insight ( for me 65 works, so it doesn't have to be 70) from The Welcome Feast Convo then during the discussion of Zarad's real nature, a new option, "I think you are lonely" will be unlocked above the other locked option which talked about how he's probably the opposite of a superficial flirt. Doing so will increase Zarad's impression of the MC favorably.

After inquiring about the MC’s opinion of himself, Zarad will give her back to Jasper with a kiss on the hand and hopes that she will dream of him.

“Oh? What if what I show people is all there is to see? That underneath the surface there is just more surface?”
—Prince Zarad

Hosted Event[]

Zarad will accept an invitation to both the Morning Tea, the Musical, Onvu tournament and the midnight picnic

With enough relationship, he will attend the Historical Lecture despite finding it mundane and tame, improving MC’s hosting reputation.

“Prince Zarad has surprised himself by accepting your invitation”
—Jasper, headcount for the history lecture

The Self Introductions[]

Zarad knows how to work a crowd and it shows in his introduction, having stolen most of the hearts of the female delegates by the end of his speech.

If a high enough approval, he will blow a kiss at MC.

Week 2[]

If the MC is close enough with Zarad, he will save you at the horse ride (along with Hamin) even if you failed all the previous checks.

Week 3[]

If you have unlocked Zarad's path, during the final Matchmaker interview she will say: "I believe if you asked anyone who knows him, to a woman, they would all deny that Prince Zarad could get serious about anyone. I think even he would deny it, for all that his eyes got that special twinkle when you came up. But I think for the very first time in his life he is serious about someone. You. Fate help you."

Week 4[]

If the MC makes the right choices Zarad will provide information on Lord Adalric's death to help with the case.

Week 5[]

Personal quests

  • Hise mc --> Provide clues about the mc's mother's whereabouts
  • Arland mc--> Offers to assassinate his brother to allow Constance freedom.


Corval MC[]

They haven't met before the summit, as neither of them moved in the same circles.


  • He can't garden
  • Gained a llama through the artist's depiction, the community named it Louise
  • Is an excellent swimmer/sailor
  • Lives in a suite in the royal palace
  • A picky eater (for multiple reasons)
  • Wanted to go to the summit
  • Dotes on his younger sister, gets hives at the thought of her meeting a man like him
  • Weapon of choice: information (although he’s probably one of the best fighters on the Isle)
  • Zarad has complicated feelings. Unlike Ana, he’s involved in a lot of international politics stuff. He rarely lets people know what he is really thinking.[1]
  • Zarad tends to discourage anyone he thinks might get be serious, which Aly imagined anyone brave enough to confess to him as a man must be. A lot of those confessions have to do with him being a handsome, flirtatious prince rather than anything serious.[2]
  • Along with Woodly, Lyon, and Jarrod, is mentioned to be over 6 feet though it's never specified by how much[3]


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