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One hundred years ago the seven kingdoms were on the verge of destruction. Centuries of constant warfare, bitter feuds, horrifying tragedies and endless misunderstandings had taken their toll. With no end in sight, it seemed there was no way off the path of mutual destruction. In the era of conflict, it seemed things like social niceties and diplomacy had no place and even less value. That the greatest legacy of the Kingdoms was doomed to be nothing more than blood, death and aching loss.


In this world was born one very determined princess. Princess Katyia of Revaire dedicated her life to building and keeping a peace between the seven nations. She established what would later be called ‘The Great Peace’ through what would become a tradition: a diplomatic summit on the neutral and mysterious Vail Isle, with the help of the natives.

Every seven years, seven representatives from seven kingdoms came for seven weeks, resulting in seven weddings. This is how peace has been kept so far, but a hundred years is a long time. Time to dull memories of the cost of war and the sacrifices for peace. Katyia is no longer alive to steward the plan she created and the balance of peace has become a thin razor’s edge. The kingdoms have never been closer to resuming the all-encompassing conflict that nearly destroyed them all.


Arland is known for being the most conservative of the seven kingdoms. Duty and tradition are theit most important principles. Arland princesses usually marry into other nations, as in Arland women cannot inherit under any circumstances. Constance and the MC are expected to do this.

Corval []

Corval expanded itself economically through its trade system, specializing in spices, materials, and various finery. Because of its large wealth, Corval's trade ships have been victimized by attacks from the pirates of Hise, which have caused severe tensions. Not much is known about the royal family, or its female relatives, as everyone lives in the royal palace behind its high walls. 


Jiyel is a small country, but known for its military might and its brilliant generals (see Warfare). Their delegates are chosen by examination.


Revaire was once a great empire that ruled over most of the seven kingdoms, except Skalt and Hise.


Skalt is a nomadic hunter-gatherer nation and the only kingdom to have their own language.


Wellin is known for being less conservative than Arland, but more religious.

Vail Isle[]

Vail Isle is deeply mysterious and no one knows much about it. Under interrogation, the Matchmaker does not seem inclined to enlighten.