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  • Insight 5+
Wooley's Date
  • "I was beginning to think I wouldn't be able to..."
  • "Oh, I think you would..."
  • "How kind of you..." 
  • "Is it truly?..."
  • "To have you to myself at last?"
  • "An interesting point of view..."
  • "You appear to be mistaken..."
  • "Then a happy event all around"
Before the Play
  • Ourselves? How uncharacteristically inclusive of you, your grace.
  • If this miracle happens, make no mistake, your grace, we'll have made it. All of us.
  • I'm afraid no miracles will happen unless I do my part. You must excuse me, your grace.
  • I'm afraid no. believe me, I wish I had seen better this week myself.
  • Something you should know about? No.
  • Forgive me, your grace. I know not what you are hoping to head.
  • Well.....last night...