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Of all the countries, Wellin is famous for being the most moderate. They are not the most conservative, like Arland, or the most liberal, like Hise. They have strong traditions and even stronger religious faith, but they adapt well and are excellent negotiators. With everyone, that is, but for Skalt. Their neighbors. Their philosophical and religious differences are too great. Things have been tense on that border for years now.

The King and Queen are widely respected, while the Prince and Princess are much more beloved.

Wellin is noted for being much more hypocritical in its application of religious and cultural standards, as opposed to Arland where duty is stressed for nobility as well as commoners.[1] It's also noted for being more politically corrupt.[2] Woodly is considered one of the more benign examples of Wellish intrigue.[3]

Known Wellish characters include Hise!MC's father[4] ("Wellindad") and a nameless delegate who asked the Matchmaker to only be paired with "his own kind" in week 3.

The future game Seven Kingdoms: Kingmaker is meant to take place in Wellin and deal mostly with internal politics.


  • Famous for its produce, wheat and bread. As long as you can afford it, has some of the best food in the nations. [5]

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