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NOTICE: Events past the theatrical are not included in the Extended Demo, and are covered by the pre-Early Access spoiler policy!

Week five has been nicknamed by Aly 'angst week'.

Note that Penelope's invitation, Cordelia's invitation, and the rehearsal scene do not take up time slots. Most of week five is self-directed.

1st Day Sunday[]

MC receives invitations from Penelope and Cordelia.

Jaslen and Falon divide roles for the theatrical.

2nd Day Moonday[]

3rd Day Waterday[]

Waterday morning is Penelope's event, followed by a meeting with Lisle, provided his relationship is high enough. Unethical MCs will get a brotherly warning.

4th Day Windday[]

Windday night (?) is Cordelia's event.

5th Day Earthday[]

6th Day Fireday[]

Fireday night is the set accident. Romance route MCs will have a scene with their LI (Lisle not included). Note that it's possible to get a non-standard game over even in story mode if you select the option "freeze in place" during the set accident scene.

7th Day Starday[]

The theatrical takes place in the morning.

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