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1st day Sunday[]

Personality Skill Bonuses[]

Skill bonuses are +5, knowledge bonuses are +10.

Sensible History Imaginative Politics
Spontaneous Street Smarts Methodical Practical
Overt Courage Subtle Manipulation
Introverted Intelligence Social Eloquence
Arrogant Courage Humble Charm
Selfish Charisma Noble Etiquette
Unassuming Grace Ambitious Leadership
Autonomous Courage Dependent Eloquence
Innovative Self Defense Traditional Beauty
Logical Academics Emotional People
Indifferent Warfare Compassionate Flora & Fauna
Immoral Cunning Ethical Leadership
Cynical Poise Romantic Charisma

Personal Plot Scene[]

Where the MC decides what to do about her personal plot. This happens after the personality monologue, which grants a large number of skill bonuses but before jury selection. All MCs but Jiyel get the opportunity to pursue or leave off their personal plot. Jiyel also has one more free-time scene to her personal plot than the other background.


Interrogate Imogen to get her full story. How many dialogue options you follow through will affect your ability to perform an emotional appeal at the trial.

Investigate the crime scene[]

CG of the crime scene from week 4, day 1.

This will be your only opportunity to visit the crime scene. By Moonday morning, the option will disappear from the investigation menu. Use it well.

2nd Day Moonday Morning[]

Ria's scene, where she reveals more of Imogen's backstory, and her own. 

2nd Day Moonday Night[]

At dinner, Lady Estelle interrupts to ask a pointed question. 

At dinner, Lady Estelle interrupts to ask a pointed question.
  • The atmosphere in the dining room. "You of course...":   
  • Are quite upset yourself: Emotional
  • Consider yourself a member of the last camp: Selfish
  • The entire situation is too grave: Traditional
  • Know better than to display your real feelings: Subtle | Manipulation +5
  • Are much more concerned: Logical
  • "You... you aren't actually going to... to defend that... murderer, are you?"   
  • "Only as much as necessary": Revaire+ | Gisette Friendship + | Indifferent +
  • "I am treaty-bound": Jiyel+ | Lisle Respect + | Eloquence +
  • "We should all be first satisfied they are the right answers": Weavers+ | Avalie Respect + | Insight +5
  • "I am very sorry for your loss": Arland+ | Cordelia Respect + | Etiquette +5
  • "I am very much convinced that Imogen is entirely innocent": Rebels+ | Clarmont Respect + | Compassionate
Perhaps there is some truth the fact that you have something to do with the raging arguments now taking place, one unhappy voice layered over another so no one could truly hear anyone else, even if they wanted to.

Attempt to distract them, shocking them out of arguments:

  • Let them argue and excuse yourself early - nothing
Pull a 'magic' trick
  1. > 25 Street Smarts - With a swift, sure movement, you manage to pull the tablecloth away with a dramatic gesture, leaving all the glasses, plates and serving dishes where they were before.
  1. < 25 Street Smarts -  You knock over every glass of wine and bowl of soup
Demonstrate some eye-catching gymnastics
  • 60 Grace - You startle everyone out of their arguments, but dinner isn't any less awkward.
  • < 60 Grace - You topple over and spill wine all over your neighbors
Use your knowledge of genealogy to threaten them with the wrath of their most disagreeable ancestors
  • 85 Etiquette - You manage to threaten one unruly delegate after another, asking them what their Great Aunt Lady Betunia would think of this behavior.
  1. < 85 Etiquette - Yoƒu run out of real relatives and start improvising some, leaving the delegates confused but silent
Recite the tenets of the treaty. Loudly.
  • <50 History + 50 Eloquence - other delegates join in to fill in the blanks and be reminded why they are there. However, it will not make dinner any less awkward.
  • 50 History + 50 Eloquence - It doesn't take long before the delegates stop arguing and start listening to you.
  • 50 History + <50 Eloquence - Unfortunately, your voice was too soft to carry.
Try to calm the room and bring back some sort of accord
  • At least 425 Persuasion - different dialogue based on ethical vs immoral)(I managed this with 410 Persuasion, didn't receive the option to recite the tenets of the treaty although I had the right stats to do it successfully
  • Or demonstrate gymnastics or pull a magic trick. Does this choice check another personality stat, or is it potentially background based?

3rd Day Waterday[]

On Waterday you receive an anonymous note urging you to throw the trial. At the end of the week, you have the choice to either accept this offer or reject it. Accepting the bribe will make you 200 gold richer, however, it will also negatively impact your approval and relationships. Throwing the trial does not require your MC to be immoral, selfish or indifferent.

4th Day Windday Morning[]

Characters with an approved or unapproved romance receive a special romance scene here.

5th Day Earthday Morning[]

Something, probably. 

6th Day Fireday Morning[]

Before you leave your room on Fireday morning, if your relationship is high enough, you will receive additional clues from Zarad & Lyon. Lyon's research can help with a general acquittal, but Zarad's information can be critical to solving the second murder. This depends on whether you passed all the skill checks on Sunday when investigating the crime scene.

The last chance to investigate the murder.

6th Day Fireday Night[]

Putting together your theory of the murder. The correct theory will allow a perfect acquittal during the trial.

7th Day Starday[]

The trial takes all day. After Trial MC has the option of picking:

  • And today...
  • "You are so relieved" + Compassion
  • "Was an excellent opportunity" + Ambitious
  • "Was a fun little challenge" + Indifferent
  • "Despite succeeding today..." + Imaginative
  • Currently, your biggest worry is...
  • Proposal + Romantic
  • Try and kill you again + Arrogant
  • Unsuccessful summit + Ethical
  • Your nation + Dependent

Before The Summit Introduction[]

Not Secret Scenes[]

Your Room

Asking for Beauty Tips

  • Special scene if you are romancing Ria.


Historian Scene

  • Guest Hall
  • 60 Insight
  • Jasper Check

Secret Scenes[]

Small Library

  • A quick wits challenge. Finds Imogen's diary, helps with emotional appeal in the trial. 

Guest Hall

  • Secret chain. Requires secrets from weeks 2&3. MC overhears Yvette and Jasper talking and learns about the Historians if she has already uncovered secrets pertaining to them. If not, she finds nothing interesting in the guest hall.  

Staff Quarters

  • Requires a successful investigation. Must have discovered Lord Aldaric's wound (either through at least 50 warfare, 50 courage or friendship/romance with Zarad), have spoken to Kade, presented him with the correct theory (which is constituted of the thorn, the horse, the cliff and the forged note), the hint leading to the staff quarter will only be revealed if the player asked him for help with the trial. 

Explore the Castle[]

Room Task Requirements
Gazebo Cordelia and Penelope Conversation
Staff Quarters Find the Murder Weapon
  • Requires hint from Kade?
  • The hint from Kade needed at least 50 practical to actually find it.
  • (I found it with only 10 practical, so I don’t think that’s the skill being counted for this)
  • The practical doesn't affect the plot whatsoever as long as you have received hints from Kaede and have either checked the body (discovered the wound) or have Zarad bring the information to you.
You can find the weapon on the day of the trial if you did not meet the practical requirement.

Kade's hint & Zarad's friendship (he gives you the note) are needed.

Your Room Jasper
  • Insist he joins you-> Promise not to talk (Unlocks Jasper backstory)
Eloquence +5 | Intelligence +5  | Etiquette +5 if thanked politely
The Ballroom Overhear Avalie and Zarad
Small Library Imogen's journal (110 Quick Wit): Secrets +5 (Used during trial)
Guest Hall The Historians revealed (if secret branch completed)
See Trial

Perfect Acquittal[]

For a perfect acquittal:
Need: Shown the letter to Jasper, Had 125 Wit and gone to the Forbidden Corridor in Week 2 before the accident, High enough likeability / interpersonal? Friendship w/Zaradar or high enough warfare
1) Do not go to the staff quarters via the Explore option. If you do, you will blow your chances of solving the second murder.
2) Question Imogen completely and go to the crime scene immediately after via Prepare for Trial. Use up all of the options.
  • If you don't have friendship w/Zarad, have enough warfare to discover the real cause of death (you will need to pass a confidence check beforehand, too). Flora will help you discover that the tea was not poisoned. High enough Flora will let you know what was really in the tea.
3) Look for other suspects. This will net you another servant as a suspect. Don't worry about relevant laws or finding alibis for Imogen; they're unnecessary.

4) Investigate motives.

5) Via Explore option, go to the Small Library. You will find Imogen's diary.

6) Investigate the other murder. The time you spend in this part is tracked so don't waste it. Choose to wander around until you find something.
  • Don't know if the other options work with high enough persuade/practical but if you don't have either, it just kills time.
7) No idea if order matters here but the following works: flower, letter writer, horse, rope. Ignore the wet note option.

8) Correct options are: you -> kill me first -> guess -> greedy natives or scheming delegates -> no

9) Use these theories: horse, note, sister, someone else, accident. Do not select all of the available options, just these.

10) Ask for help.

11) Do not go to the staff quarters unless you had high enough warfare or courage (50) to pass the check on the body.

12) It doesn't really matter how you use up your time now. Do whatever you want until Zarad brings you breakfast.

13) You can go to the staff quarters now and find the murder weapon.

14) When making your defense: definitely -> any option (accident and all of the above work) -> Lee -> money / politics (either one works) -> opposing royal family (this one works, at least)
15) It is pretty much impossible to lose now unless you intentionally blew the trial.

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