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Week 1 achievements.

Character Creation[]

Achievements related to the Character Creator

Number Name Info Comments
1 A Novel Beginning Finish creating a character
2 A Pirates Life For Me Made a character with Hise background
3 The Logical Choice Made a character with Jiyel background
4 Out of the Inner Court Made a character with Corval background
5 An Inconvinent Husbend Made a character with Revaire background
6 Barefoot Countess Made a character with Wellin background
7 A very proper princess made a character with Arland background

Day 1[]

Miscellaneous achievements.

Number Name Info Comments
8 Night Light Reading Read the history of the Summit
9 An Unmitigated Disaster You met with the matchmaker, it did not go well.
10 Impressive impression You earned the maximum amount of insight during the welcome feast! 70 Insight
11 In Demand You received all the possible invitations during your first week


Achievements related to romantic invitations. 

Number Name Info Comments
12 Sparring Partner Successfully completed Anaele's week one event
13 Nature Walk Successfully completed Emmett's week one event
14 A Friendly Ride Successfully completed Lisle's week one event
15 A Dashing Dinner Successfully completed Clarmont's week one event Requires ethical or 75 manipulation.
16 A Forbidden Adventure Successfully completed Hamin's week one event
17 Night Vision Successfully completed Zarad's week one event Requires 25 people and 60 (?) insight.
18 A Tense Time Successfully completed Jarrod's week one event Requires courage or manipulation.
19 A Cool Companion Successfully completed Gisette's week one event Requires unethical or high manipulation, plus high persuasion.
20 Behind the Bookcase Successfully completed Lyon's week one event Requires ethical, noble and 50 intelligence. See Lyon Romance.


Achievements related to Hosted Events

Number Name Info Comments
21 Congratulations, Crumpet Hosted a very successful afternoon tea
22 A Tea Terrific Hosted a perfect afternoon tea
23 Play On Hosted a very successful musical
24 A Musical Memory Hosted a perfect musicale!
25 A Learning Experience Hosted a very successful Lecture.
26 One for the History Books Hosted a perfect lecture


The introductions

Number Name Info Comments
27 A Charming Introduction Succeeded in the first challenge: the self-introduction.
28 A Perfect introduction Succeeded perfectly in the first challenge: the self-introduction.


Week 1 secrets

Number Name Info Comments
29 Secret Hunter Found all possible week one secrets. Check Secrets#Week 1


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