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Prior the full demo, this faction was known as the 3rd '???' faction.

Compared to the other two secret factions, there are many chances to raise their approval.

  1. Welcome Feast Convo with Falon - Feel him out to get a better read on him.
  2. Welcome Feast Convo with Yvette - I think I would prefer to be an agent of these events, rather than be affected by their outcome with no power to contribute at all.
  3. Lyon's Week 1 date - Quite honestly, I am not content to be anything but an active agent in my own fate. I would rather build a future I had some part in creating, rather than become a victim to whatever future would happen were I to have no say at all
  4. Hosting a perfect Tea/Musicale
  5. The Summit - Woodly and Avalie - Surely you don't expect me to pick sides, your grace. You are both such fearsome opponents, I have no wish to gain your ire over something as superfluous as a poor analogy. OR Why, I hope you don't expect me to admit to being a bird, your grace. Think of my reputation!
  6. The Summit - Create History OR Katyia's Footsteps
  7. The Summit - Challenge perfect success OR great success
  8. Horse Riding - Dual Thorns Achievement
  9. Ship Race - Winning with just Penelope, no Lisle
  10. MM's breakfast - Attempt to find an answer that pleases everyone.
  11. MM's interview - Perfect Success
  12. Hosting a perfect Midnight Picnic/Girls Night

Interestingly, MC is able to be a player of the grand game which is related to the Weavers. She would need at least 75 manipulation and an ambitious personality.


Secret Scene - A Dangerous Flirtation[]

This scene is likely related to the weavers.

MC overheard Lady Avalie flirting with the married Grand Duke Woodly. Still, MC is certain there was more to their conversation than flirtation. Their conversation hinted at something much bigger and much more dangerous.

Secret Scene - A Dance of Deduction[]

This scene is likely related to the weavers.

MC discovered a nervous servant leaving a very mysterious message in the ballroom. It mentioned players, fields and games. What could it possibly mean?

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