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The Summit is an event which takes place on Vail Isle every seven years, for the past 100 years. For anyone that is curious, that means there has been maybe 13 previous summits, making this the 14th. 

The summit is a diplomatic event aimed at brokering and maintaining peace between the Seven Kingdoms. It was founded by Princess Katyia during the time of the great wars, after all, three of her brothers had fallen in battle. 

Traditionally the summit consists of forty-nine young delegates from the seven kingdoms, as well as four older chaperons. It takes place over the course of seven weeks, most likely in late spring or early summer. On the seventh week, ambassadors from all the kingdoms arrive and ratify or reject the marriage alliances that have been brokered. 

This summit (during which the game takes place) is the fifteenth. If the seven-year interval was strictly kept, that means the first summit took place exactly 98 years ago. 


The Seven Kingdoms demo covers the first three weeks of the summit, ending in the matchmaker's final interview and ball.  

Week 1[]

The first week of the summit begins with the Welcome Feast (after Character Creation) and ends with the Introduction challenge. It's the busiest week because you can host an event and receive as many as nine invitations.  

Week 2[]

The second week is less crowded. It has the horse ride challenge and the boat race, as well as three potential invitations.  

Week 3[]

The third week begins with the matchmaker's breakfast and ends when the game splits into three routes: romance, political, and observation.  

Week 4  

Week 5  

Week 6  

Week 7  

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