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"It is far better to be the one in power, than the one under someone else's."

How it influences the game[]


Character Creation[]

The background An Ambitious Widow is unlocked by choosing an ambitious dialogue option. Selecting the ambitious response is also one of the requirements for the More Than You Appear secret background, "a player of the grand game". Meanwhile, the historian secret background requires an unassuming personality.

Matchmaker first interview[]

"Being too ambitious makes you seem like a greedy cat," or, "Having no ambition makes you seem aimless."  

Week 4[]

At the beginning of week four, the MC receives skill bonuses for each of her personality traits. An unassuming personality would get +5 to Grace, while an ambitious one would get +5 to Leadership.

How to change your personality[]

  • Character Creation
    • "Do you care about accumulating power, wealth or position?" 
  • Lisle's week 1 date - ask about his plans for the summit.  
  • Hamin's week 1 date - a present that will be useful to your plans.  

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