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The trial of Imogen takes place on the last day of week 4, and is the major challenge of that week. Success in this challenge relies on skill checks, but primarily on the results of your preemptive investigation. 


The investigation menu offers six options for investigating the case, and in addition, there are two secret scenes that can be accessed through exploring the castle. 

First, the MC investigates Imogen. See: Imogen script 

Investigating the scene of the crime can only be done on the first day of the week, either immediately after talking to Imogen, or later in the evening. On Moonday, that option will disappear from the menu if it hasn't been selected.  

At the scene of the crime, you can discover three critical pieces of evidence. Skills checked include quick wits, courage, warfare, and flora & fauna. Not all skill checks are required to achieve a perfect acquittal. 

Prepping for Trial


When Investigating Lord Adalric's room you can investigate & look for more clues. (Leads to Nothing?)
Teacup 25 Flora & Fauna - Recognize that the tea is off, but that it doesn't make any digestible poisons you could think of
Desk > 125 Quick Wit - Recognize Lord Aldaric as the one who wrote you the warning note
Examine body 50 Courage - Brave enough to examine the body

50 Warfare - recognize the true murder weapon

Investigate potential alibis for Imogen > 275 Persuasion - Kitchen maid reveals rats in kitchen

Find other suspects

> 270 Persuasion - One of Gisette's ladies gave a hint

Investigate relevant laws

> 180 Booksmart -  You found a loophole

Investigate possible motives

The quality of gossip you get seems to be related to how much total romance, friendship, and possibly respect the game's named characters have for you. If you aren't getting great attendance, wait until later in the week when you've gone on dates or talked with Ria.
  • Well-liked- Many attend + Discover that Aldaric's social and financial status was rising in the last couple months + Gisette disapproves of Estelle rumor
  • Decent amount of friends - Decent amount of people attend + Rumor Gisette disapproves of Adalric's match w/ Lady Estelle
  • Not very well liked - Few attend + crappy rumors about chai & puppies

Legal loopholes[]

You can discover an alternative strategy for winning the trial if you have a book smarts score of at least 185. Generally, you can win the trial without this investigative option, so don't be too fussed if you can't make the skill check.  

Second murder[]

Solving the second murder allows a perfect acquittal. See also achievement: Miracle Worker. Requires A Dangerous Secret.  

The second murder's investigation runs on a timer. Every choice you select uses up some time, and some of them are red herrings.  

2nd Crime Scene

Investigating Second Crime Scene

Attempt to convince the servants that they can trust you 450 Persuasion (No time wasted. 450 cut off?)

Zelcher mentioned that viv had 475 and couldn’t pass)>check servants' approval & personality?)

Passed w/455 & above middle commoner approval, same MC failed with 445. At 450 a different MC passed & had comparatively little commoner approval. (Succeeded with 460 & not a lot of commoner approval.)

Look for anything out of place 50 Practical (Little time wasted)
Just keep looking and hope you stumble across something. Lots of time wasted
  • Follow up on why the note is wet.  
  • Investigate the rope.  
  • Investigate the flower. (talk to Emmet)  
  • Investigate the note's author.  
  • Follow the good ride lead.  
  • Option to give up.  

Romancing Gisette (No time wasted)

  • ???(Insight?) - Determine note looks like Gisette's handwriting but not her style(no time wasted)
  • ??? I had this with 45 insight - Determine note looks like Gisette's handwriting & investigate her room (a lot of time wasted)

Follow the 'good ride' lead

  • 200 Likeability - Servant clues you into the empty stall(no time wasted) 
  • <200 Likeability, >155 Quick Wit - Spend some time finding the empty stall yourself (some time wasted)
  • <200 Likeability + 160 Quick Wit - Spend a lot of time finding empty stall (a lot of time wasted)
Investigate the rope
  • 25 Street Smarts  - Hide quickly when servants approach (no time wasted)
  • 50 Cunning - Search for some time before hiding (some time wasted)
  • < 25 Street Smarts + < 50 Cunning - Search a long time before hiding when servants approach (a lot of time wasted)
Investigate the flower
  • 60 Flora & Fauna - You don’t have to waste any of your time trying to figure out what flower it is and the significance it might have.
  • < 60 Flora & Fauna and being Emmett's friend/lover?- Ask Earl Emmett about flower (some time wasted)
  • < 60 Flora & Fauna and not Emmett's friend/lover - Er
  • Insight > = 65 to go to cliffs
60 Courage or Manipulation 80 - Meet Kade
OR Try Ignore the first two options & look around

Flower, letter writer, horse, rope. Ignore the wet note option.

If you gather enough hints in time, you will go to a secret location and confront a mysterious individual about the plots and schemes running behind the scenes on the Isle. This person will ask you to put together your theory of the murder. Once again, many dialog options here are red herrings. However, if you select the right combination, they will be impressed and give you a tip that can allow you to unlock the last secret of the investigation.


On the morning of the day before the trial, you may receive visits from some friends (Lyon/Zarad) to help with the investigation. There is one more free time slot to investigate, and then in the evening, you have to put together your theory, as well as your defense strategy. 

On the morning of the trial, you speak to Ria, Jasper, and Avalie. Avalie's dialogue has a few respect/friendship options. 

Trial of Imogen[]

Your opening arguments can be more successful if you have at least 50 eloquence

Emotional defense[]

Requires Imogen's journal, and checks against persuasion. It also receives a boost if you asked Imogen all possible questions during the initial interview with her.  

Logical defense[]

Requires evidence, and checks against quick wits. If you've gathered all possible evidence, including the cause of death, the suspect, and who was behind them, the narration says you have "unbeatable" investigation skills. The highest value for quick wits is "fabulously quick-witted" and requires about 200 cumulative points in insight, intelligence and cunning, although being "very quick-witted" is generally enough to acquit.  

Legal loophole[]

Either high book smarts, or friendship with Lyon. This portion is not required for a universal acquittal, but can be the difference between winning and losing if your investigation was particularly unsuccessful.  


This is where your "ace in the hole" argument goes, if you discovered it. 

After the trial[]

You get special conversations with Avalie, Gisette, your romance (if you have one) and Jasper. Before the end of week 4, you also get a series of reflective questions that change personality attributes. 

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