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Week 1[]

Tea is one of the Hosted Events[]


100% Rejection Comes Boosts Boost Skills Approval
  • Blain
  • Falon
  • Jasper
  • Lyon
  • Ria
  • Sayra
  • Woodly
  • Yvette
  • Anaele
  • Avalie
  • Clarmont
  • Cordelia
  • Emmett
  • Gisette
  • Hamin
  • Jarrod
  • Jaslen
  • Lisle
  • Penelope
  • Zarad
  • Gisette
  • Hamin
  • Jarrod
Avalie gives Jiyel tea

Penelope gives wellin sweets

  • Persuasion
  • Interpersonal Insight
  • Quick Wit
  • Grace
  • Arland
  • Corval
  • Jiyel
  • Merchant
  • Wellin
  • Weaver


Jasper: Hosting a morning tea is one of the simplest and most fitting early events. It is especially appropriate for building friendship with others. Since it only requires things already easily available on the Isle, you can even host one at no cost. It is appropriate to invite a moderate number of people (i.e., 6)

You have the option of purchasing additional food with your available gold.

Prize Gold
Fancy tea blend from Jiyel 5
Fancy chocolates from Corval 5
Fancy tea cakes from Arland 10

Jasper: Very well. Now that our supplies are taken care of, it's time to consider the guest list. Remember that people will accept and refuse invitations based on their feelings towards you and the type of event you plan.

You can invite 6 people to your event. If you chose to invite Ria or Sarya, Jasper will comment "Inviting your maid is a most... unusual choice, MC. And it will be noticed." Note that Blain, Falon, Jasper, Lyon, Ria, Sarya, Woodly, and Yvette will always reject an invitation, while you receive boosts if Gisette, Hamin, or Jarrod attend.

After inviting[]

On the morning of your event, Jasper will tell you who has agreed to come to the tea.

Who Min Requirements Acceptance Rejection
Anaele Less than ++ Rivalry Jasper: "Princess Anaele has agreed to attend the tea, although her butler thought it necessary to remind us that this sort of event is not the type that the Princess has much...experience with." Jasper : "Princess Anaele has sent her regrets, she will not be attending today."

Narrator: "You highly doubt that was the way the Skalt Princess phrased her refusal."

Avalie + Respect Jasper: "Lady Avalie has accepted your invitation." Jasper: "Lady Avalie will not be attending your tea."
Blain WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "Lord Blain has refused your invitation. The words he used...are not appropriate to be repeated. Suffice to say, we should all be glad he is not coming."
Clarmont +++++ Friendship or ++++ Romance Jasper: "Lord Clarmont has accepted your invitation to the tournament." Jasper: "Lord Clarmont has regretfully declined your invitation."
Cordelia No rivalry AND +++ Friendship Jasper: "Princess Cordelia has accepted your invitation." Jasper: "Princess Cordelia has sent her polite regrets."
Falon WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper:"The General feels his time would be best spent in other activities and thus will not be attending your event."
Gisette Less than ++++ Rivalry Jasper: "Princess Gisette has gladly accepted your invitation." Jasper: "Princess Gisette sends her sincerest regrets."
Emmett ++++ Friendship OR Romance Jasper: "Earl Emmett has agreed to attend your tournament." Jasper: "Earl Emmett unfortunately has other plans this evening and thus cannot attend."
Hamin ++++Friendship or +++++Romance Jasper: "Prince Hamin has accepted your invitation to tea. Although his letter of acceptance insisted you realize 'I wouldn't sit with a bunch of stuffy gossips for anyone else.' Jasper: "Prince Hamin has declined your invitation to tea, and asks that next time you invite him to something more exciting."
Jarrod ++++++++ Romance Jasper: "Prince Jarrod has accepted your invitation to the tournament." Jasper: "Prince Jarrod refuses your invitation to tea, with a request to only send him invitations suitable to his dignity.
Lisle ++++++ Friendship Jasper: "Prince Lisle has accepted your invitation to tea" Jasper: "Prince Lisle has sent his regrets."
Jaslen AUTO COMES Jasper: "Princess Jaslen has accepted your invitation to tea." AUTO COMES
Penelope No rivalry Jasper: "Princess Penelope has sent her pleased acceptance." Jasper: "Princess Penelope sends her regrets, but she will not be able to attend."
Ria WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "While Ria deeply appreciated the invitation, she doesn't feel comfortable with the thought of talking with the rest of your guests at such a social gathering and so has chosen to help as a maid instead of attend as a guest."
Sayra WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "Sayra appreciates the thought behind the invitation, but is not comfortable accepting it."
Yvette WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "The Dowager Countess Yvette has sent her best wishes for your first event, but regretfully declines the invitation."
Lyon WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "Duke Lyon will not be attending the tea."
Woodly WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "Grand Duke Woodly, has sent his regrets. He believes his duty as a Chaperone lies elsewhere this morning."
Zarad ++++ Respect OR +++++ Romance Jasper: "Prince Zarad has agreed to attend your tea." Jasper: "Prince Zarad sends his deepest regrets upon being forced to miss the event of such a lovely lady."

Number of attendees:

If no one attended :

Narrator: "Unfortunately, no one has accepted your invitation. As such all your time, effort and money preparing for your event has been a waste. There's nothing left to do but cancel and clean up."

Narrator: "Next time, you will have to choose your invitations better.


Narrator : "So (number of people) people have accepted your invitation and will join you for tea.."

Narrator : "Your guests arrive (more or less) on time, the tea is hot and you are prepared to make sure everyone enjoys the two most important part of a social tea. The food and the conversation."

Who Comment
Penelope N: "Princess Penelope smiles shyly as she arrives and hands you a neatly wrapped package."

P: "I hope you don't mind, but these are some of my favorites from home. I hoped we could share."

N:"The Princess has brought some very high quality Wellin Sweets. You imagine they will go over very well with your other guests. You smile and thank her, causing her to beam."

Avalie N:"Lady Avalie gives you a mysterious smile as she arrives, slightly late, and she hands you a small, wrapped package."

A:"I wasn't sure if you would be able to get your hands on anything quality so last minute."

N:"You open the package to see that she has given you a particular expensive blend of Jiyel tea leaves. You feel like it was more of a teasing challenge than a gift, but you and your guests will enjoy it the same either way."


N: "Your guests settle into the comfortable chairs, couches and settees as Jasper, Ria and Sayra hurry about to make sure everyone is comfortable, and has been served." N: "It takes only a few moments for judgment on your refreshments to have been reached."

Snack Comment
Jiyel Tea The aromatic blend you purchased from Jiyel was well worth the money, people are sighing happily as they savor the hot drink.
Corval Chocolate The fancy Corval chocolates you purchased are disappearing faster than unattended gold left in front of a pirate. They are definitely a hit.
Arland Tea Cakes You have never seen such small, elegant pieces of perfection turn sophisticated people into starving wolves with such precision. The purchase of the Arland tea cakes seems to have been well worth the investment.
all Your refreshments couldn't have been better, or more popular. Your guests are not only eagerly devouring every last scrap, they are eying you with new appreciation and respect
AT+JT+CC+1 GIFT Your refreshments have been a big success, your guests are all eating and drinking very happily.
JT+CC+1 GIFT / AT+CC/JT/1GIFT Your refreshments are quite popular with your guests. They are eating and drinking happily.
AT/JT+CC/Gift Your refreshments are good enough to make people happy
JT/CC/Gift You have at least one bright spot in an otherwise unexceptionable group of refreshments.
No snack You haven't served anything that wasn't directly provided from the overburdened Vail Castle kitchens. Of course that means it's good, but since it's the same food everyone has been eating all week, no one is impressed either.
Who Boost
Jarrod You have managed to get Prince Jarrod to attend a 'female' activity like a morning tea. Your other guests reactions have convinced you this will reflect well on your reputation as a hostess.
Hamin Hamin of Hise actually agreed to sit still and behave long enough to attend your tea, this shocking fact is definitely going to improve your reputation as a hostess.
Gisette Princess Gisette has become something of a fashion leader among the summit attendees, the fact she is gracing your tea with her presence will only improve your reputation as a hostess.
Number of attendees Narrator's comments
6 No one turned down your invitation. Perfect acceptance and attendance to an attendee hosted event is quite rare. You are sure this will do wonders for your hosting reputation.
5 Almost everyone accepted your invitation, this is quite the achievement and will increase your reputation.
3/4 You had a few refusals, but enough people have accepted your invitation that you don't feel embarrassed and your reputation won't suffer.
2 You had a rather embarrassing number of refusals. Jasper had to round up some bored and minor attendees to fill out your event last minute.
1 Only one person agreed to attend your tea. Rather embarrassing. Jasper had to round up some bored and minor attendees to fill out your event last minute.

Narrator: "Your guests, having finished sampling your refreshments and eyeing one another, are now beginning to get restless. It's up to you, the hostess to direct the conversation."

Attempt to make your guests feel comfortable with one another. Comment
Min 200 Persuasion Thankfully, you couldn't be better at getting people to do what you want. All it takes is a few encouraging words and some supportive gestures and your guests are opening up to one another and relaxing to enjoy one another's company.
195-150 P You manage a moderate amount of success in getting your guests to feel more comfortable with one another. The atmosphere relaxes somewhat.
145-120 P Your efforts have no noticeable effect.
115 and lower Not only do you not succeed in your attempts to make your guests feel comfortable with one another, you seem to have actually made them less comfortable. The atmosphere gets worse.
Try and find just the right thing to say to make your guests happy. Comment
Min 100 interpersonal insight You have an intuitive knack for knowing just what to say to make people happy, and your guests are no exception. In a short work your guests are already smiling brightly and feeling better about themselves.
95 - 75 II You manage to find a few really good things to say and as your guests grow happier, the atmosphere grows brighter with them.
70 - 50 II Your efforts don't really have a noticeable effect, one way or another.
45 and lesser II Not only do you not manage to make anyone feel good about themselves, you accidentally seem to make everyone feel worse.
Take your moment in the spotlight and charm your guests. Comment
Min 150 Likeability A few moments of a focused charm offensive and you have your guests practically fighting to sit next to you.
145 - 125 Likeability You shine enough that your guests seem more drawn to you than not.
120 - 75 Likeability You don't much any noticeable success.
70 and lesser By drawing everyone's attention to you, you seem to only make your flaws more obvious, and causing the atmosphere to grow a little more awkward.
Use your quick wit to make your guests laugh. Comment
Min 150 Quick Wit You practically have your guests in stitches as you lead them on a merry dance of speedy witticisms. The mood has grown much happier.
145 - 110 QW You manage to elicit a few laughs, but they are hearty and brighten the moods of your guests.
105 - 75 QW You get a few smiles, but really your efforts seem to have little effect.
70 and lesser Your attempts to highlight your natural quick wit, seems to only highlight your rather lack of it. Your guests wince on your behalf.

Narrator: "As soon as the both the conversation and the tea dry up, your guests slowly get up to leave."

Narrator: "In their hurry, one of the partially filled tea-cups gets knocked over."

Grace Comment
Min 50 With great grace, you easily catch and right the cup and not a single drop is split. This earns you a few impressed smiles from your guests.
Else You don't manage to catch it in time, but luckily the damage to the table and your dignity is minimal.

(Grace failure)

Narrator: "Your guests chat with one another a little, but one by one they drift to you to give you their goodbyes.."

Who Perfect/Amazing/Great Skilled Average below average TERRIBLE
Anaele N: "Ana shakes her head, disbelievingly."

A: "I can't believe this froo froo sip sip chat chat is what you people do for fun. Still, I like being with you MC. If I must endure tiny little cups of easy breakings to see you smile, I will."

Same as perfect
Avalie N:"Lady Avalie gives you an inexplicable smile."

A:"Thank you so much for your invitation, MC. I always find events like these so illuminating, don't you?"

same as perfect same as perfect same as perfect same as perfect
Clarmont N: "Lord Clarmont thanks you with a gracious smile."

C: "Thank you for your invitation, MC. It was a lovely way to spend a morning."

Gisette N: "Princess Gisette gives you a nod of acknowledgment and a slight smile.."

G: "Thank you for the invitation, MC. It was an enlightening morning."

N: "Princess Gisette gives you a nod of acknowledgment."

G: "Thank you for the invitation, MC. It was certainly an interesting morning."

N: "Princess Gisette gives you a slight nod of acknowledgment.

G: "Thank you for the invitation, MC. It was an interesting morning."

N: "Princess Gisette gives you a cold smile."

G: "Thank you so much for your invitation, MC. It was certainly an... enlightening morning"

Hamin N: "Hamin grins at you mischievously."

H: "Hello, Glitter. I can't believe your siren song was strong enough to drag me to this sort of thing, but, to my surprise, I had fun."

N:"Hamin grins at you cheerfully."

H: "Hello, Glitter. I can't believe your siren song was strong enough to drag me to this sort of thing. Let's try something more interesting next time, yes?"

Jaslen n:"Princess Jaslen, eyes bright, smiles at you."

j:"Thank you so much for the invitation, MC, I always love these little gossips."

N:" You can tell she also loves getting more material to gossip about, and like it or not, that includes what happened during your tea. Still you learned some interesting political gossip from her today."

same as perfect same as perfect same as perfect same as perfect
Penelope N:"Princess Penelope beams at you."

P:"Thank you for inviting me, MC. I'm glad we are becoming such good friends."

N:"Princess Penelope smiles brightly at you."

P:"Thank you for inviting me, MC. I'm glad we are becoming friends."

N: "Princess Penelope smiles sweetly at you."

P: "Thank you for inviting me, MC. I'm glad we are becoming friends."

N:"Princess Penelope smiles shyly at you."

P:"Thank you for inviting me, MC. I'm glad we are becoming friends."

N:"Princess Penelope smiles kindly at you."

P:" Thank you for inviting me, MC. I'm glad we are becoming friends."

Zarad N: "Prince Zarad walks up, and gives you a saucy wink."

Z: "It was an interesting morning, MC, although I would prefer to have spent the time with you somewhere more private."

Narrator: "And as the last guest leaves, so ends your duties as hostess. Your first event is done. But how do you think you did?"

Narrator's comment
Perfect Your tea was perfect. It literally could not have gone any better. You are a legendary hostess.
Amazing Your tea went masterfully. You are an amazing hostess.
Good Your tournament went well. You are a good hostess.
Average Your tournament was fine. You are an average hostess.
Otherwise Your tournament went very poorly. You are not a very good hostess.


Type of host Person Approval
Perfect ++ Arland++ Corval

+++++ Merchants

++ Wellin

+ Weavers

Amazing + Arland+ Corval

+++++ Merchants

+ Wellin

Great ++++ Merchants
Skilled +++ Merchants
Average ++ Merchants
Below Average + Merchants

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