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This personality trait affects how you approach problem-solving. 

How it influences the game[]

Week 2, when talking to Ria before the horse ride. 

Week 4, where being sensible grants +10 to history and being imaginative grants +10 to politics

Week 5, during the dinner, when asked what the best thing about theater is. 

How to change your personality[]

  • Character Creation (during the background-specific portion):
    • ​Arland: learning through books or through first-hand accounts.
    • Corval: perfect details or something that had never been done before.
    • Hise: practical way to survive or everything is an adventure.
    • Jiyel: sensible conclusions or merging theories.
    • Revaire: two variations based on morality.
      • Avoided pregnancy through traditional remedies or dream-wine.
      • Killed (or planned to kill) husband with rat poison or by scaring him to death.
    • Wellin: active pursuits or adventure.
  • Week 1: Zarad's date, when dealing with Avalie
  • Week 4: after the trial : "Despite succeding today..."