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Sayra is a non-native from Vail Isle. She is MC's maid.


This intelligent dark beauty is one of the two lady’s maids you have been assigned for your stay during the Isle.


Brave, stoic and serious. Also very quiet and observant.


Sayra is tall and thin with pretty dark hair cropped close to her head, intelligent, but wary, round dark eyes and skin the color of walnut bark.


Week 1[]

Welcome Feast Convo[]

Sayra had fast fingers as she discarded MC's clothing quickly. She has good judgment as well, making the MC wear a dress to impress.

Matchmaker's Interview[]

When MC offers to share her breakfast with her servants, Sayra was hesitant but accepts.

After MC's failed interview with the Matchmaker, Sayra had encouraged her.

“It is not easy, but she has been known to change her mind if you can impress her again during your second interview in a few weeks. We have some time to improve you before then.”

Ask maids for beauty tips[]

Ria had noted Sayra was with Mrs. White if MC had visited her maid for beauty tips.

Clarmont's date[]

Whenever Ria and Sayra opens up MC's window, birds will flock in.

Hosted Event[]

Sayra will not accept any hosted events.

“Sayra appreciates the thought behind the invitation, but is not comfortable accepting it.”

Week 2[]

Horse Riding[]

Sayra threw the black feather into the fire. She would nod at MC if the MC comforted Ria before heading for the horse ride.

The Summit[]

It should be noted that her respect was raised if MC chose Katyia Footsteps as her ambition.

Week 3[]

Serving Girl and Drunk Delegate[]

Sayra saved the Serving Girl from the Drunk Delegate. If MC intervenes, her respect and friendship will be raised.

“I know the only things that matter, sir. You are drunk, despicable, desperate, and entitled. You enjoy lording what you assume to be your power over those who are lacking the same. And someday, you will wake up to find out that everything you thought made you special is nothing and you are only worth what you are inside. Which for you will be an empty, rotting hollow of nothing.”


Ria and Sayra's gift for the MC, giving a small boost of +5 Beauty and +5 Practical.

Ask maids for beauty tips[]

Similar to week 1, Ria had noted Sayra was with Mrs White if MC had visited her maid for beauty tips.

Hosted Events[]

Sayra attends MC's girls night and Onvu Tournament.

If Gisette was present for the Girls Night, Sayra would have a friendly banter with her.

If Lyon and Avalie are not present and MC does not have high quick wit and warfare knowledge, Sayra will be the victor for the Onvu Tournament. She would thank MC for inviting her, admitting she was nervous as it was her first tournament, and help her to clean up.

Week 4[]


  • There are "reasons" why Sayra is not romanceable.[1]
  • It will be possible to get to know her better later in the game.[2]

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