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Ria: Romance


Ask others for skills: Ask Maids for Beauty Tips
  • "Of course they did!" (+ Romance)
  • "What does it matter?
  • "Whatever their reasons..."(+++ Romance)
  • "Sometimes fate..." (++ Romance)
  • + Romance
  • ?
  • +++ Romance
  • ++ Romance)

The Trial


The Trial
  • "Don't worry, Ria. I promise things will work out."
  • "Thank you for letting me know, Ria"
  • "Ugh. I guess I have no choice but to get this over with."
+Ria Friendship?


Ria: I hope I didn't wake you.
  • Then you should save the crying for when you are alone.
  • Ria's romance and friendship - | Selfish+
  • Oh, please don't be concerned about it. You didn't.
  • If you are upset, I would much rather you wake me up so you can talk about it, rather than suffer alone.
  • ?
  • Selfish+
  • ?
  • Etiquette5+
  • Ria's friendship ++ | Noble+
Ria: Please. Please save her.
  • I promise I will do everything I can.
  • I will be honest, there's a lot stacked against your friend. But I will try.
  • This was highly inappropriate. I don't know why you think I would care about this little sob story.
Ethical ++

Ethical +

immoral + | Indifferent +