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“I’m afraid I’m not very interesting, my lady. Not like you.”

Ria is a non-native from Vail Isle. See Ria Script


This cheerful and friendly red-head is one of the two lady’s maids you have been assigned for your stay during the Isle.

She views her fellow Isle servants as her family and is a little in awe of you, but still very good at her job. A few kind words and you might earn more than her loyalty, but her adoration.


Cheerful and sweet, Ria is a bright presence, wide-eyed with amazement at all the fancy, important people brought to the Isle for the Summit.


Week 1[]

Asking for beauty tips[]

The MC can ask Ria about herself. She will reveal a little of her backstory and gain some friendship and romance.

Hosted Events[]

She will gratefully accept an invitation to the history lecture and praise it even if the lecturer proves to be quite dull.

Week 2[]

Week 3[]

Before the matchmaker's final interview[]

If Ria is infatuated with the MC she will run after her and wish her luck in the interview, professing that she believes everyone in the castle must be in love with her. The MC can accept her romance, accept her friendship or reject her altogether.

If the romance is accepted Ria will speak to the MC about it after the interview.

Week 4[]

Ask others for skill thing

  • Ask Maids for Beauty Tips - Ria : Romance 
  • "Of course they did!" (+ Romance)
  • "What does it matter?
  • "Whatever their reasons..."(+++ Romance)
  • "Sometimes fate..." (++ Romance)



  • Her family was from Arland[1]

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