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Revaire was once a land of great conquerors, an advanced warlike people that built an empire. Later, against all odds, it birthed the great peace. Now, it little resembles either. Twenty years ago, a bloody coup, changed the face of Revaire. A new royal family was instated, the old, and all its supporters, the last of Princess Katyia’s line, were killed. Revaire has yet to recover and internal affairs have been taking precedence over international.


  • Famous for its meat dishes and beans, these days imports most of its food from its neighbors. Used to be the culinary center of the world, but this has changed drastically after the recent political problems. [1]
  • It’s not a place you would want to report any crime unless it was really bad or you were in the with the crown.[2]
  • It has lots of different weather/climates in different parts of the country.[3]
  • Laws are pretty much flexible to whatever the King and Queen want them to be.[4]
  • Revaire and Hise have a bunch of different kinds of religions and not religions.[5]
  • They generally landed even their female princesses.[6]

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Arland - A Sheltered Princess * Corval - A Court Lady * Hise - The Daughter of a Notorious Pirate * Jiyel - A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent * Revaire - An Ambitious Widow * Wellin - A Tomboy Countess

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