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Formerly known as the 1st '???' faction prior the Full Demo version.

These are only 2 ways of raising the Rebel faction's approval

  1. Welcome Feast Convo - Clarmont - Rescuing Penelope yourself.
  2. The Summit - Katyia's footstep ambition

Interestingly, MC could be a rebel if she is noble, courageous and has leadership skills.


Secret Scene - Food for Thought[]

This scene is most likely related to the Rebels faction.

MC overheard a most unusual conversation between the head of Staff Mrs. White and Lord Clarmont of Revaire, discussing danger and the need to build alliances. For what or how the pair are related, MC don't yet know.

Secret Scene - Siblings on the Wind[]

This scene is most likely related to the Rebels faction.

MC managed to overhear part of a very strange conversation between Crown Prince Jarrod and his sister, discussing some sort of 'group' 'operating' at the summit. While MC have no idea who they could be speaking of, she feels like she have discovered a single piece of a bigger puzzle.

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