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Your ability to maintain your composure and calm

Poise contributes to the cumulative skill: Persuasion

How Poise affects the plot[]

  • Min 50
    • It's an unexpected request, but you manage to maintain your composure and recover quickly. You spot the tea equipment in front of you and prepare to serve it.
      • Otherwise : She's moving too quickly for you to keep up. From insult to orders and now tea? When was the last time you had to serve tea to anyone? You can't remember. Usually that's what servants are for. She notices that her requests have flustered you and you can hear the frantic scratching of quick against parchment as someone undoubtedly rushes to take notes on your failings. (Poise failure.)
    • Zarad's date - I know what I need for now and am ready to wait until you are genuinely ready to let me see behind the mask.
    • The Summit introduction - Thankfully, you have enough poise to remain composed even under the watch of so many impatient eyes.
    • Matchmaker Breakfast - Thankfully you have enough poise that you manage to contain your impatience and boredom and sit serenely.
    • Matchmaker second interview - Your poise is sufficient for your needs, MC.
  • Min 60
    • Horse Riding - You manage to keep your calm and attempt to rein the horse in.
      • Otherwise: Flustered by the sudden wild, breakneck pace of the horse, you are unable to remain calm.
  • Min 75
    • Matchmaker second interview - You have the natural poise of an unshakable champion. I'm quite impressed actually.

How to gain Poise[]

Character Creator[]

  • Automatic Base Stat (+25)
  • "You remained calm and listened to their concerns" (+25)

Week 1[]

  • Jarrod's date (+10 , +5 if not successful)
  • Explore the Castle: Garden (+5)
  • Gazebo: meeting Penelope (+10 for the correct dialogue option)

Week 2[]

  • Explore the Castle: Your Room (+10)
  • Explore the Castle: Garden(+5)

Week 3[]

  • Clarmont's Gift (+5)
  • Explore the Castle: Garden (+5)

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