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The Matchmaker's breakfast takes place on the morning of Moonday on week 3. This is a minor challenge compared to the second interview but still has a few skill checks. Importantly, you can gain +5 insight from Blain's dialogue. 

During the Matchmaker's last question, there are four possible answers that give +5 in charm, courage, cunning and manipulation respectively. The last one requires a fairly high persuasion check. This is one of a handful of ways to raise manipulation skill outside of the character creator. 

If you have been following Jarrod's friendship path, you will get a markedly different greeting from him. 

Skill checks[]

  • Beauty - during Jarrod's dialogue, you will get one of four results based on your relationship with him, and whether beauty is at least 50 points, or less than.
  • Charisma - when the named delegates are intervening on your behalf.
  • Charm - smoothing things over after Anaele's pastry attack.
  • Courage - "pure guts" when your stomach rumbles from hunger.
  • Cunning - if you have high commoner approval, a servant will sneak you some food.
  • Eloquence - making conversation with Blain and Jarrod.
  • Etiquette - "Of course you would never think of being so mannerless".
  • Grace - catch Anaele's pastry projectile.
  • Intelligence - cotton on to the matchmaker's surprise question.
  • Leadership - make requests of the servants when cleaning your dress.
  • Poise - sit still when waiting for your seat partners.
  • Self defense - try to dodge Blain's spill.

Note that these are the twelve skills that the matchmaker considers vital for the purpose of her second interview, later on in week 3. If you fail more than four checks, you may auto-fail that challenge.

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