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“I wanted to root for you, truly I did. Jasper is a dear boy and I had hopes that his lady would be up to par, for his sake if nothing else. But I have to say, I find very little redeeming about you.”
—The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker is a Vail Isle native.


This mysterious older woman is infamous for making delegates cry, she lives on the Isle and assists in forming matches during the summit.


While she is blunt and judgmental and does not hesitate to state her opinion, no matter how harsh, the matchmaker actually does care for the well-being of the delegates. She may send home a delegate whom she believes to be dangerously unsuited for thew Summit intrigue.


Week 1[]

The matchmaker first meets the MC on the morning after the welcome feast, when she lectures her on all her weaknesses, as well as on the drawbacks of her strengths. Successfully passing a large number of skill checks does not improve her opinion of you.

Week 2[]

The matchmaker's actions during week 2 are largely unknown. She can be overheard in the servants' quarters, rejecting Blain's offer of a bribe (presumably to recommend his allegiance to Princess Anaele).

Week 3[]

"Not even being highborn can completely murder your heart."

The MC hears rumors that the matchmaker stalks the halls of the castle before the matchmaker's breakfast, and may choose to hide in her room for reasons of strategic retreat.

The Matchmaker definitely cares more about the delegates than she would admit. None of the matches she makes in week three really take politics into account at all. The philosophy of Katyia is that love and friendship between nations will do much more than pure calculated alliances. Although, for obvious reasons, the Summit doesn’t go around advertising that particular goal. [1]

Week 4[]

On the Observation Path, the MC can overhear a scene between the Matchmaker and Greer.


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