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“If you wish to successfully complete your stay here at the Isle, I think we both agree such nonsense should stop.”
—Master Jorges

Master Jorges is the Head Butler on the Vail Isle.


At this point his background is unknown.


He has grey hair and a mustache. He usually wears an army green vest over a green shirt and green tie. He has a cane in his right hand and wears monocle over his right eye.


Strict and does not tolerate nonsense. He would rather have the maids be out of the public eye.


Week 2[]

Esteemed Countess of Holt. When I first heard rumors of the plague of ill luck and accidents that befell your swains, I did not pay them much head. Rumors, after all, have a way of distorting the truth. I assumed, perhaps incorrectly, that your presence here at the Isle meant you were neither motivated enough, nor foolish enough to continue in that sort of trend. I have received however, disturbing reports. One of the delegates has fallen down a flight of stairs and claims it must have been because he was struck by your charms at the welcome feast. If you wish to successfully complete your stay here at the Isle, I think we both agree such nonsense should stop.


Master Jorges,

Head of Butler for Vail Isle Castle.

Master Jorges will send the Countess MC a letter that serves as a warning in the middle of Week 2. In his letter, he implies that the MC is behind a series of unfortunate events befalling on delegates pursuing her, and subtly threatens to throw her out of the Isle.

He also oversees the self-introductions at the end of Week 1, notably disapproving the antics of various delegates throughout the event.

During the riding event, the delegates are led by Master Jorges on the trail, who is described as "surprisingly agile".

Week 3[]

If the MC chooses to host a midnight picnic during Week 3 and fails a certain skill requirement, Master Jorges will arrive and spoil your event spectacularly by yelling at everyone without his pants on.

Week 4[]

Star Day. If the trial is successful he will announce Imogen's innocence and congratulate the MC.

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