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"You might be able to trick people into following your will sometimes, which is an accomplishment, I suppose, but hardly a trait that sufficiently recommends you."

Your ability to successfully manipulate others.

Manipulation contributes to the cumulative skill: Persuasion

How Manipulation affects the plot[]

  • Min 50 Manipulation
    • Welcome Feast - pass Woodly's test
    • Lisle's date - successfully lie about liking Penelope (first check)
  • Min 65 Manipulation
    • Clarmont's date - ???
  • Min 75 Manipulation
    • Welcome Feast - Gisette - successfully lie about supporting her family
    • Welcome Feast - Clarmont - rescue Penelope from Jarrod "subtly"
    • Welcome Feast - Avalie - respond in kind to backhanded insult
    • Lisle's date - successfully lie about liking Penelope (second check)
    • Gisette's date - pass her test (if ethical personality)
    • Jarrod's date - stay instead of fleeing (only if Courage test fails)

How to gain Manipulation[]

Character Creator[]

  • "You managed to talk them into turning on one another." (+25)
  • "I prefer to talk my way out of trouble"(+25)
  • "You quickly figured out who the boy's rival was and managed to embarrass him publicly, without getting caught."(+25)

Week 1[]

  • "I think princess Gisette would like to speak with you"(+5)

Week 2[]

  • Practice Room - only if on a specific variation of Jarrod's romance path(+5)

Week 3[]

  • Gift from unsigned (Weaver approval required)(+5)
  • "Attempt to find an answer that pleases everyone" (375 persuasion)(+5)
  • Saving your relationship with Jarrod (450 persuasion, don't choose Jarrod's romance)(+5)
Beauty * Charisma * Charm * Etiquette

Eloquence * Leadership * Manipulation * Poise

Courage * Cunning * Grace * Self Defense

Intelligence * Insight

Cumulative Skills:

Persuasion * Likability * Book Smarts * Quick Wits * Interpersonal Insight * Defensive Instincts