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If observed[]

His great height is really the first thing you notice about the Duke, followed by his spectacles, perched carelessly on his nose, encasing intelligent dark eyes. His long black hair is pulled back, judging by the careless way he is dressed, more out of practicality than fashion. Despite the mismatch and thoughtless way his clothes are worn, they are clearly of good quality and careful construction.

A Minor Lady with a Scholarly Bent: The top scorer on the test, the Duke is famous in Jiyel for his brilliance, although he is also famous for being difficult to impress and cold. This isn’t much of a problem in your book, so you are somewhat looking forward to meeting him.

Other MCs: The Duke hasn’t moved in foreign circles, but you have heard enough about him to know that he has a reputation of being a genius, although cold and indifferent to others. Reputations only mean so much and you will have to meet the man yourself in order to get a proper impression.

Welcome feast:[]

Welcome Feast Dialogue Result Requirements
Approach + Respect
How do you respond?
  • Best part
  • Modest
  • Truthfully
  • Silly
  • Nonsense
  • Friendship/Respect
  • Rival
  • Friendship
  • Romance/Respect/Insight
  • Rival
Requirements Unknown
What do you discuss?
  • Rapid-fire OR Jiyel philosophy > famous Jiyel generals (a great option that Hisean MCs would automatically have)
  • Generals
  • History
  • Anecdote
  • Summit
  • Gossip
  • Friendship/Respect++
  • Friendship/Respect++
  • Friendship/Respect+
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • ?
  • Rival
  • Academic 35/ Warfare of History 25
  • Academic 35
  • Warfare 25
  • History 25
  • Charm 30
  • ?
  • ?
How do you say goodbye?
  • Intelligent
  • Dull
  • More time
  • Great
  • Pleasent
  • Romance +
  • Rival +
  • Romance +
  • Romance++
Requirement Unknown

Other Dates[]

1st date:
  • Elusive ghost/wanted to talk to you
  • Choose the third one
  • Second, or third option
  • Second, or fourth option
MC Date Invitation It may seem foreign to you....

I enjoy your company...

The exchange of ideas and information...

Sometimes people do things...

When you finish reading the letter...
  • "You could have just said that..."
  • "You can wait there if you want..."
  • "Thank you. This letter means..."
  • "Clearly I have been failing..."
  • --Romance
  • ?
  • Romance++
  • Romance+
I think you make a pretty tolerable friend yourself.

You find me tolerable? So romantic!....

I like you, too, Lyon. really like you.

Lyon turns to you and waits... Distract yourself...

Ask him why he agreed...

While avoiding specific details that will get you in trouble...

Ask about his finances.

  • +Romance
  • ?
  • +Romance
  • --Romance +Rivalry +Overt
Free Time 1

"Why then did I want you?"

"Why then did I want you?"
  • "Because you were..."
  • "Hmm...I suppose I fancy..."
  • "I'm sorry, but it's not something..."
  • "I could give you a hundred reasons..."
  • ?
  • Romance-
  • Romance+
  • Romance++
Free Time 2 +5  Intelligence | +5 Academics | + Romance
After Match maker
Find Lyon in the library And you expect to find the secrets that explain...

Why that might be the sweetest thing you have ever said...

I swear you become increasingly adorable...

Final Date
Final Date
  • First option point, enjoyed your company/exchange of ideas
  • If you’re from Jiyel, it’s really easy to romance him. By following all the above options & having at least 50 intelligence at the start and isn’t immoral, he always shows up at the end.