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How to unlock Lyon's romance, a step by step guide: 

  1. Welcome Feast:
    1. Pick "Don't be silly" answer. 
    2. Pick "Had a great time" answer. 
    3. These two are the only way to gather enough romance points to unlock Lyon's week 1 event. 
  2. Week 1
    1. Sunday morning: Jasper will deliver all your invitations. At the very end, he should give the MC the option to seek out Lyon in the library. This is the only way to get Lyon's date. Searching the libraries through the "explore the castle" map does not work. 
    2. Fireday night: Lyon's scheduled event. Requires intelligence >= 50. An MC who is selfish, indifferent or immoral will auto-fail. Manipulation has no effect. Successful date gives +5 each to intelligence and academics. 
    3. After a successful date, Lyon will agree to attend the musicale event if invited. He will attend a history lecture regardless of romance, and will never attend a morning tea. 
  3. Week 2
    1. Explore the large library to get a second romance scene with Lyon. This one gives +5 each to history and politics. 
    2. With enough romance, Lyon will agree to join your boat race team. He can pass a tricky quick wits test and is therefore very useful. 
  4. Week 3
    1. Lyon's favored gift is a puzzle book. A heartfelt letter also produces a smaller positive response. 
    2. With high enough romance, he will send a gift that gives +5 to intelligence and academics, and will commiserate with the MC at the matchmaker's breakfast. 

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