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“I don’t do well at parties. Perhaps its for the best if you find someone else to talk to.”

Lyon is a delegate from Jiyel. See Also:


Out of all the delegates, no one seems less happy to be at the Summit than Duke Lyon of Jiyel. Brilliant and capable, until you put him into the middle of a social gathering, Lyon is practically counting down the seconds until he can escape, completely disinterested in the politics and social games of the summit. It will take someone with skill and determination to get the cold Duke to open up. Could you be that lady?


His great height is really the first thing you notice about the Duke, followed by his spectacles, perched carelessly on his nose, encasing intelligent dark eyes. His long black hair is pulled back, judging by the careless way he is dressed, more out of practicality than fashion. Despite the mismatched and thoughtless way his clothes are worn, they are clearly of good quality and careful construction.


Lyon's Reaction to the Outdoor Date

A famously reclusive genius who would much rather be locked away in a library than outdoors or in any social situation, Lyon is described by others as being cold and difficult to impress. Rational and logical, he takes an analytical approach to life and deals with situations as efficiently and as objectively as possible.  However, he isn’t as stoic as he likes to think.

Despite being completely awkward in in any kind of conversational dialogue, he’s eager for intellectual conversation and passionate when it comes to books. He even goes as far as neglecting his personal care in favor of reading the Isle’s private collection with a childlike fervor. He’s shown to be easily flustered by teasing, turning bright red several times in a single conversation.

The Duke seems to value independent, noble, and ethical personalities in companions. 



Week 1[]

Welcome Feast Convo[]

The delegation from Jiyel look like they are more comfortable at an organized debate or in a classroom than at the Isle. He acknowledges the MC with a stiff nod before sighing deeply. He warns her that he does not do well at parties and conversation would be better elsewhere. He will excuse himself from the conversation, leaving the MC feeling as if she's not closer to understanding him.

“The top scorer on the test, the Duke is famous in Jiyel for his brilliance, although he is also famous for being difficult to impress and cold.”
—Jiyel MC

  • "Don't be silly. That assumes there's an objective standard of party attending performance"


Lyon does not reach out to MC, instead, Jasper comments that the Duke can be found in the library should she wish to find him.

Secret Scene[]

If MC has selected Street Smarts as one of her knowledge, she has the ability to get close enough to a pair of soft voices in the Small Library without being spotted. General Falon is urging Lyon to seek out a beneficial match much to the duke's displeasure.

“It's bad enough the King and his ministers forced me to take the test and come here, but I have no intention of getting married at the whim of politics.”
—Duke Lyon

Lyon's Date[]


Taking place on Fireday evening, the MC makes her way to the library to track down the elusive duke. A high intelligence is required to understand Lyon's choice in topic and a selfish/immoral MC will find her opinion quickly dismissed. Otherwise, the MC will persuade Lyon, who has the habit of avoiding group meals, to eat something before he quickly returns to his stockpile of books. After some parting words, the MC returns to her room feeling a bit brighter.

“Good. Because if you don't take care of yourself, I'll show up again and do it for you. And just think how embarrassing it will be for the both of us if I'm forced to drag you to your bed like you are a stubborn two-year old avoiding his nap.”

Hosted Event[]

Lyon will accept an invitation to a historical lecture

With a high enough romance, Lyon will attend the MC's musical and grant a boost to her hosting reputation.

The Self Introductions[]

Lyon was the first to introduce himself and was likely the quickest. He is the only romance that does not make some attempt to acknowledge the MC's presence.

Week 2[]

Library Scene[]

The MC is idly walking through the grand library, perusing for anything interesting, when she comes upon a familiar barricade of stacked texts with a sleeping duke nestled in the middle. Startled awake by her soft laugh, he hands her a treatise on the life of Princess Katyia to read.

Ship Race Invitation[]

With a high enough friendship/romance, Lyon will accept the invitation.

Horse Riding[]

Lyon is not mentioned.

Ship Race[]

When the ship gets caught on something and starts to turn in the wrong direction, Lyon will notice the problem before the MC can point it out and will ensure that no time is lost.

“...I suppose there was some benefit to experiencing theory in person. Thank you.”
—Duke Lyon, after winning

Week 3[]


Lyon favors the rare book of puzzles.

In return, he sends you a thick book that claims to be a guide for every major scholarly concept of the modern age. Along with it a note stating that luck is illogical and that as you are not an idiot, Lyon is confident that you will do well.

Matchmaker's Breakfast[]

Duke Lyon has the unfortunate luck to be sitting next to two giggling female delegates during the Breakfast. He looks very much like he would like to take your seat at the empty table.

Inviting Duke Lyon[]


The MC manages to shoo Lyon away from the library and into the gardens. The duke is obviously feeling out of place in the sun and, after teasing from the MC, declares that he’s leaving. MC manages to convince him to sit with her in the gazebo where they’re conversation can go uninterrupted. The duke inquires about the MC’s past and attempts to make a joke. He later leaves after assuring MC that it was by no means her fault to meet with General Falon.

“You...I do not find you intolerable.”
—Duke Lyon

Hosted Events[]

Duke Lyon will show up to the Midnight picnic looking like he immediately regrets his decision to attend but will improve the MC’s hosting reputation.

As Onvu is one of the abilities that Lyon is famous for in all the nations, he has no problems with accepting the invitation and improves the MC’s reputation. Unsurprisingly, he takes first place.



True to his nature, Lyon is frowning in the corner at the end of the banquet. MC will approach him.

If his romance was chosen, he will turn his scowl in her direction. When asked if he regrets not saying anything and being stuck in the match, he responds by saying that hating to be a spectacle is not the same as hating her and that he would have only regretted it if MC had ended up with someone else.

If not, MC will gently harass him until he finally mumbles that he hopes your matched makes you happy. MC will not leave until Lyon smiles and agrees that they are friends.

If the MC unlocks his romance, the Matchmaker will say: "I'm not going to say Duke Lyon said anything about you, because that would be a lie. Well, he barely said two words about anything, so I wouldn't put much store in that. But when idly suggested that you might make a good match for someone else, the glare he sent me said everything his words didn't."

If you ask the Matchmaker about Lyon during the final matchmaker interview, she says:

“I've had more verbose conversations with a mute monkey than with that sourpuss longshanks. I wouldn't have thought he had the least bit of interest in the summit or anyone here. Until I suggested that you would make someone else a charming partner. The glare he shot me then told everything I needed to know.”

Week 4[]

By choosing the right answers and having the right relationship, Lyon will help the MC by giving her some information for the Trial.



Lyon tends to avoid Avalie as much as possible due to the latter's tendency to ruffle his feathers.[1]


Lyon mentions knowing her cousin to the Jiyel!MC on their week 3 date, and says he doesn't think she's the type to suddenly get married.


If the MC was depressed: stand by awkwardly, trying to think furiously of any way to help, end up spouting any relevant fact he knows that might assist, failing that, immediately launch into research until he finds some solution/help/relevant knowledge[2]


  • Originally introduced as Duke Edmond Lyon
  • Nearsighted, he's not totally blind without his spectacles
  • Owns large estate but prefers his manor near the capital
  • Secretly has a sweet tooth
  • Weapon of choice: knowledge, wits
  • Tends to avoid Avalie
  • Along with Woodly, Jasper, Jarrod, and Zarad, is mentioned to be over 6 feet though it's never specified by how much[3]


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