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Lord Adalric is a viscount from Revaire. The MC notes that he was one of the quieter Revaire delegations.

The matchmaker approves a romance between him and Lady Estelle.


The MC is never shown interacting with him. But the MC remembers him sending sympathetic smiles over the dining table when the MC was paired up with someone less than ideal.

The MC recognized his handwriting and realizes that he's the one who wrote the warning note after the introductions.


Good looks and serious eyes.


One night he leaves to go to his room, not feeling well. The maid, Imogen, helps him back to his room and thinking he was ill, she offers him some tea. He wrote a letter to his mother about the new Matchmaker approved romance between him and Lady Estelle. At some point, he knocks over his teacup. He is found dead in his bed the next day. There is speculation that he was murdered.

The MC has an opportunity to examine the crime scene. See Also: Trial

If the MC has the right acquaintances, they can get help from their friends/romances. This makes it possible to get further in solving the crime before the Trial of Imogen takes place.

The trial of Imogen takes place during Week 4

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