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Welcome Feast

*Note it is better to start a friendship with Lisle if you want his path

MC Welcome Feast


Approach +Friendship
How do you introduce yourself?
  • Friendly
  • Politely
  • Standoffish
  • Friendship
  • +?
  • Rival
Introduce a topic
  • Compliment
  • Girls
  • Decorations
  • Journey
  • Friendship/5+ insight
  • Rival
  • +?
  • +?
How do you talk about yourself?
  • Engaging(++)
  • Charming (+)
  • Becoming(+)
  • Random
  • Brag (-)
  • Friendship+++
  • Friendship+
  • Friendship+
  • Rival
Eloquence 30

Charm 30

Charisma 50

MC 1st Date with Lisle & Penelope
Inner Dialogue
MC to Lisle
  • I don't mind at all, your highness.
  • Of course, I don't mind. I adore your sister! (++)
  • +
  • ++
  • Use your persuasive force of will to negotiate with the beast.
  • Use your superior defensive instincts & athleticism to stay seated no matter what the horse tries.
  • Use your quick thinking to stay one hoof in front of the creature.
  • Suffer in stoic silence.
  • Complain about the ill-natured brute.
  • ++
  • +
  • +
  • +
  • -
  • It's kind of cute. And they are certainly adorable together. (++)
  • I don't mind, but I wish he had just been upfront about it, instead of asking to spend time with him when he clearly meant his sister.
  • It's frankly sort of annoying. I came here to get to know the Crown Prince, not to be tricked into a play date with his sister. (who he seems to think is still 8)
  • ++
  • +
  • -
  • What are your goals for the summit, your highness?
  • I don't imagine it's any easier being the Crown Prince of Wellin at the Summit than it is being the Princess. How are you holding up?
  • So....anyone who marries you will end up being the Queen of Welling? Are you looking for something in particular?
  • Tell me something that no one else knows about you.
  • +
  • ++
  • --
  • +
MC Conversations with Lisle


  • Trust (+)
  • Passion
  • Communication (+)
  • Mutual political advantage
  • +
  • -
  • ++
Lisle confides in the MC
  • I'm so sorry your highness, but that's not a life I wish to choose for myself.
  • Thank you for your trust, your highness. I will have to think about this. but I promise your secret is safe with me.
  • There are far worse fates and matches than to be married to a good friend.
  • Neutral?
  • +
  • ++

Dates during Trial[]

Dates during Trial


  • That's right. she was chosen for the Jury. How is she holding up?
  • That's a kind thought, but I don't believe Penelope is as fragile as she seems to think I do.
  • I've had more than enough...
  • +
  • +Friendship/+Respect
  • -

"What can we talk about..."

  • Tell me about the castle we will live in. (---)
  • We could talk about all the things we are going to change and fix. (++)
  • Penelope. Just thinking about her cheers me up. (+?)
  • ---
  • +Friendship/+Respect
  • +?


  • Yes, it's very beautiful, 7 somewhat cold as many old buildings are.
  • There you go again...
  • You do realize that the plan is for you to marry me not my sister?
After Trial
Lisle Lady Lou. I imagine you must be looking forward to getting some rest after your long day. But I just wanted to congratulate you. Sometime's it's easy to feel overwhelmed by everything we can't control, everyone we cant' save. But today you made a difference. Today was a good day.

Remember today, so you can take it with you and hold on to it during the bad days.

Dates After Trial[]

Dates After Trial


Date in the garden
  • How is Penelope?
  • We have spent some time together.
  • The most ridiculous thing happened to me...
  • I give up. The weather it is.
Conversation with Lise after 2nd Morning Tea with Penelope
  • A walk would be lovely thank you.
  • I'm afraid I have other commitments

...but why? It's so much to ask"

  • And at least as much to gain. I'll be Queen of Wellin someday, that's no small thing.
  • I think having a husband who is kind and good and my friend is not giving up anything at all. On the contrary, I consider myself lucky.
  • I suppose, in the end, it seemed a worthwhile trade.
  • Friendship-
  • +Friendship
  • Positive?
MC I have reasons of my own that such a match suits me.
  • I..I have reasons to dislike the attention of men. A more platonic love suits me exactly.
  • There's not one sort of way to love, Lisle. I believe we can make each other happy. trust and friendship are most important to me in any case.
I know what it's like... ++Friendship (if interested in girls)
"Truth be told..." ++++Friendship (if no interest in anyone)
"I have had one miserable marriage..."  ++++Friendship (if widow)
"I... I have reason to dislike..." ++++Friendship
"There is not only one sort of way..." ++Friendship
Free Time 2 No second free time date with Lisle

Political Marriage Path[]

Encounter 1 (Lisle + Penelope) Results
Lisle: "What are your feelings on the question of political matches?" 
"I think they are unfortunate..."

"I think it's much better..."(lie)

"I think that we are very lucky ..."

"I'm actually quite fond..."

+Lisle Respect 

-Lisle Respect

++ Lisle Respect

Penelope: "Surely he will rule better..."
"You are starting to sound"

"I think happiness is important..."(truth)

  • --Penelope Friend -Lisle Friend ++Lisle Rival +Overt
  • ++ Lisle Friend (Ethics check maybe?) 
You are starting to sound"

"I think happiness is important..."(lie)

--Penelope Friend -Lisle Friend ++Lisle Rival +Overt
Pass Manipulation Check (>50?)

Fail Manipulation Check 

  • ++ Lisle Friend
  • -Lisle Friend ++Lisle Rival
"I don't think it's my place..." +5 Etiquette
"I very much wish things..." + Lisle Friend +Penelope Friend