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Get Kade to +4***

Dialogue Results
"Tell me, just what is it that you suspect."
  • "You killed the servant" +1
  • All Other Answers - Instant Fail
  • +1
  • All others Instant fail
"Did I? And why would I do that?"
  • "Because he attempted to kill me first." (only if you uncovered Gisette's plot in week 2) +1
  • All Other Answers - Instant Fail
  • +1
  • All others Instant fail
"And why would I care about that?"
  • Because you have fallen in love with me. Instant Fail
  • "I'm not sure..." +0
  • "I don't think it mattered who..." +0
  • "I don't know you..." 
  • Instant Fail
  • +0
  • +0
  • +0
"But amuse me. Guess."
  • "I think perhaps you were trying..." +
  • "I think you believe the Isle..."+6.5
  • "I think you were trying to get justice..." +0
  • "I think you were amused..." +1.5
  • +
  • +6.5
  • +0
  • +1.5
"So tell me, how did I do it?" - Needs more testing. I can get him confessing without picking a theory.
  • You killed + He attempted to kill me + I don't know you/I think you believe the isle = skip picking theories/confession (can confirm this)
  • You killed + He attempted to kill me + I don't know you/I think you were amused +3 correct theories = confession
  • You killed + He attempted to kill me + any other non-instant fail "why would I care" answer + 4 correct theories = confession.
  • If the "I think you believe the Isle..." option is chosen then you can add all non-instant fail wrong theories without failing.
  • If the "I think you were amused..." option is chosen you can add 1 wrong theory if you pick all 4 correct theories.
  • Not choosing either option requires all 4 correct theories + no wrong theories. I've added point values that hopefully reflect that.)Some answers seem to have more "value/points" than others.)
  • "You drowned him" Instant Fail
  • "You used a rose thorn" +0.5 
  • "You strangled him with a rope" Instant Fail
  • "A horse is missing. You are the cause" +0.5
  • "You wrote a note and framed Gisette for it"+0.5
  • "You hid his body..." -1.5 
  • Fail
  • +0.5
  • Fail
  • +0.5
  • -1.5
  • "You made sure his sister left..." -1.5 
  • "You paid someone else..." -1.5 
  • "You arranged an accident. Here."+0.5
  • (That's all the theories you have) +0
  • -1.5 
  • -1.5 
  • +0.5
  • +0
  • "One question then. One truth."
  • "I know somehow the murders are connected..." (Then search staff quarters to find the murder weapon) 
  • while knowing the true cause of death

The Other Murder - Kade Theory Picking

  • Kade killed the servant
  • Because he attempted to kill the MC first
  • Anything other than in love with the MC
  • Choose rose thorn, missing horse, framing Gisette, staging an accident, (you can also say he made the sister leave and hid the body but I don’t know how that affects things) and then 
  • Say those are the only theories you have
  • -> Don't choose "drowned" or "rope". He will end the discussion with: "You have disappointed me"
  • ->Don't choose "paid somebody" with most other combinations of theories.
  • The MC doesn't need to pick one of the theories to make him confess. Just pick "Those are the only theories you have". The MCs need to know certain things/secrets and need to be able to connect right.