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Jiyel is the land of scholars and innovation. Despite its small size, Jiyel is formidable. Generations of the Kingdoms greatest scholars, inventors, philosophers, doctors, strategists and thinkers have come from or studied in Jiyel. Nowhere is intelligence prized as much as in Jiyel. The king’s major advisors and ministers are all selected based on their performance on the National Scholars exams and later training.


Jiyel!MC is not a reliable narrator on Jiyel culture/politics[]

Just like the Sheltered Princess can’t tell you anything about the reality of how much it sucks to be a peasant in Arland, the Jiyel!MC has a limit to what she knows. She has lived a very isolated life, almost completely away from court and filled only with learning and books. As such anything to do with the bigger picture of Jiyel politics/culture/court is not something she knows much about.

Jiyel is not a hyper-logical society.[]

While both Lyon and Jiyel!MC are both very logical, while Jiyel society itself is not. Like any society/culture, Jiyel is filled with people. People are complicated and diverse. There are lots of people making decisions based on a variety of reasons, a few choose logic and pure reason, but many more choose personal benefit, tradition, or feelings. The current King, for instance, makes very emotional decisions.

Jiyel is not actually a meritocracy.[]

While it’s true that they are much more open about allowing everyone to learn and there are some people who manage to better their position, the meritocracy is more of a convenient myth than anything. They have a royal family and nobles who all inherit wealth, lands and people, just for being born in the right order to the right people. Even within the government/military/power positions, favor is given to people with connections or the right name.

The test to become a summit delegate is separate from the test to get a government position

There is a special test that potential delegates take that is separate from the other tests of scholars and government. This one is only open to people born with enough social status. You won’t see a commoner representing Jiyel at the summit.

Gender equality? Not a thing.

While women of certain proven merit are allowed to become scholars (especially if they are studying something that is seen as more feminine) they generally don’t inherit lands or titles, nor or they allowed positions in the military or government. Women are also not given the same sort of freedom as men, culturally or socially.


  • Famous for its rice, fish, and flavorful soups. It has some of the healthiest tasty cuisines in all the nations. [2]
  • Jiyel is one of two regions that were never part of the Revairan Empire, the other being Skalt. [3]

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