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Dialogue with Jasper Results
Introduce yourself as friendly
Invite him, Ria, and Sayna to breakfast
Week 1 Explore the castle option/Explore Your Room
Invite him to you Event
Compromise with Jasper & Hamin
Week 2

Week 3

Explore Room week 2

Explore Room week 3

After Dinner People are Terrible Jasper
Anonymous note Yes, I think it best...

No, I would rather deal with the is independently...

If it were a small matter... (++)

I don't trust Jasper.





After Horse ride I'm fine, thank you, Jasper.

As well as can be expected...

I'm not sure how I am.




If relations are good Jasper will give the MC 3 gifts*
Ask to hear his advice before the final meeting with the Match Maker
  • Choose not to marry or romance anyone
Trial While preparing for the trial explore castle/ Explore your room & invite him for tea

Tea with Jasper while preparing for Trial

  • Thank him politely and take a sip.
  • Nod his dismissal.
  • Insist he joins you for some of the special tea. (+)
Jasper You drink your tea alone most mornings.
MC That doesn't mean I don't hate it.
Jasper I can look through the halls for someone to join you. Perhaps the Matchmaker is available.
  • You make a face at this
MC Fine, I was trying to spare your delicate feelings. but if you insist I be blunt about it, frankly, Jasper, you look terrible.

If this tea is truly as special as you seem to think, you need it at least as much as I do.

So join me, please. I can't very well have my butler collapsing on the job, now can I?

Jasper ....Very well. *More dialogue follows
  • Promise not to talk about the trial or anything dreary. (+)
  • Use this chance to pump Jasper for more information.

"I shouldn't let anything affect the quality of my work. I shall attempt to correct it."

Dialogue Results
Good, see that you do. It puts me off my breakfast... Selfish ++ Indifferent++
There's no reason to apologize! I was simply worried... Noble+ Compassionate+
If I had any idea you were going to be so defensive... Selfish+ Indifferent+
You will never manage that if you don't ever lay down your burdens...

*Different scene for historians

Compassionate? | Insight +5 More dialogue

Available if you're on good terms.

I'm really sorry that this week has been so hard... Noble ++ Compassionate++
*MC gets breakfast & overhears a conversation between Kade(?) & Jasper in Kitchen