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Jarrod's introduction text after choosing the friendship dialogue.

Jarrod has a "friendship path" that may allow marrying him on the political path, without beginning his romance. Since most of his relationship gains are to the romance bar, there's really only one way to get his friendship high enough, without gaining huge amounts of rivalry from rejecting hm romantically. 

While this path doesn't strictly require 75 manipulation to start with, it certainly helps. 

Welcome Feast[]

After impressing Jarrod in the face of his blatant insult, you must choose to continue the conversation, or else you will gain a large amount of rivalry. With the next dialogue option, choose to "reprimand him for his violent and offensive manner". This unlocks the possibility of a friendship later on.  

Welcome Feast MC Result Requirements
How do you respond? Insult





  • ?
  • Respect/Insight
  • Friendship
  • ?
  • ?
What do you do? Yank






  • Respect
  • Respect
  • Romance
  • ?
  • ?
  • Rival
  • Stay
  • Self-Defense 25
  • Courage 30
  • Manipulation 50
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
Do you continue? Yes




What do you do? Apologize




  • Romance++
  • Romance+++
  • ?
  • Romance+

Week 1 date[]

Improving Jarrod's mood during his date requires very high either persuasion or likability, but only the persuasion dialogue option ("a pleasant conversation about nothing") will work for this path. You will be able to tell it worked if, during the introduction, the MC glares at him disapprovingly until he improves his behavior. When he talks about wives, pick "I would advise you against telling women you find the idea of having a wife limiting and a bother" 

Week 2 date[]

The week 2 event in the practice room has two variations. If you get the version with Jarrod showing off (gives +5 to grace and self defense), then you missed one of the steps. The correct version involves him yelling at a servant, and rewards +5 to courage and manipulation. 

Matchmaker's breakfast[]

With at least half a bar of romance, you will get Jarrod's gift before the breakfast. It awards +5 to courage and warfare. This is not critical, but you will usually get it anyway. 

During the breakfast, Jarrod will greet the MC more apologeticlly than usual. Choose the dialogue option that expresses concern for his wellbeing. 

Matchmaker's final interview[]

a.k.a. "the Gauntlet". 

If romance is high enough, Jarrod will stop the MC on her way to the matchmaker on Starday of week 3, after Ria but before Gisette. If all the steps have been followed correctly, select the dialogue option "aghast" and you'll get a check against persuasion. With at least 450 persuasion you'll get the extended dialogue that lets you salvage Jarrod's friendship at the Matchmaker's ball that night. Any less, and you get a curt, dismissive reply and romance converts to rivalry once he discovers the rejection. 

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