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The Dangerous Bad Boy
Title Prince
Age 19
Nation Revaire
Height 2nd tallest delegate
Birthday 8 July
Family Gisette (older sister)

“No one tells me what I can and cannot do. Not even you.”

Jarrod is a delegate from Revaire. See Also


As the heir of the newly enthroned royal house of Revaire, Crown Prince Jarrod is set to inherit a kingdom in turmoil. Despite this, he’s confident and brash, very set in his own opinions and assured of his own worth. Rebellious and short-tempered, you won’t get any sweet words from this Prince, but if you catch his interest you had best be prepared for an intense few weeks at the Summit. Jarrod does nothing in half measures.


Prince Jarrod is very brash and hard to talk to. He is incredibly threatening in demeanor, and does not hesitate to threaten you or others wellbeing if he is upset as shown by the way he domineers over Penelope at the Welcome Feast.

He does not think highly of nor respect those of the lower class, in particular, servants. When even slightly upset or inconvenienced by a servant they are likely to take the full force of his wrath as shown in many of his events, Week 1 and 2 in particular. He is also seen to have a prejudice against people not from Revaire, as well as an overload of national pride. The Revaire political climate is unstable, though he does not seem to know that despite everyone else at the Summit seemingly well aware. He frequently mentions Revaire's dominance in comparison to other countries, typically mentioning that they should be trying to please them since Revaire is powerful enough to engage with any of the nations however this is all completely false.

If you decide to romance him, he is shown to be incredibly possessive and very easy to anger.


Week 1[]

Jarrod invites you to dinner.

When first walking in, you will see Jarrod screaming angrily at a female servant due to the food being taken out too early. If you do not possess at least 50 courage or poise as his demeanor will scare you away.

After this, you will have to improve his mood during the dinner which can either be done with a high enough Persuasion or Likeability.

Week 2[]

boost to grace

boost to manipulation


Week 3[]

If you want to have a romantic relationship with Jarrod you need to ask the Matchmaker about him during your interview and then be very insistent about it. As long as you have unlocked his confession on the way to the final interview, you have enough romance [1]

It is possible in the game to marry Jarrod (both while you are romancing him and while you are not.)[2]

The Matchmaker will just always think you make terrible decisions and have very little attachment to your own well-being. [2]

Rejecting him for another love match will cause a confrontation at the gala at the end of week 3. With 450 points in persuasion and certain very specific dialogue choices, it is possible to talk him down and he becomes a friend. Otherwise, he becomes an enemy and gains maximum rivalry points.

Week 4[]

Another confrontation will arise in week 5 even if the mc decided to chose his name during the matchmaker's interview, shall the mc decides to join the play as the mc as the main lead and earns his irk (due to an overload of vinegar). During the confrontation, the player is then given the choice to end their awry relationship, however, it should be noted that this action would permanently turn him into an enemy and thus convert all the romance points into rivalry.....

All in all it's not suggested to play his route unless......


  • Can’t handle his liquor, told by Gisette to avoid it at the summit
  • Lives in the Revaire royal palace
  • Is very demanding about his food; won't eat anything he hasn't tried and liked before.
  • Weapon of choice: Greatswords (he’s a size matters kind of fellow)
  • Along with Woodly, Jasper, Lyon, and Zarad, is mentioned to be over 6 feet though it's never specified by how much[3]


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