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"A Perfect Introduction" achievement for getting the best possible result at the week one challenge.

The first challenge in the summit is the final event of week 1, the introduction

Prior to the introductions[]

There is a brief chat with Avalie and Woodly. It includes a skill check against either quick wits or interpersonal insight, followed by a dialogue choice that can grant an extra +5 insight or a +5 etiquette. 


A basic introduction requires a skill check against beauty, and either poise or courage

Added introduction[]

The MC may add to the basic introduction in up to five ways, which check against five of the cumulative stats: likability, persuasion, book smarts, quick wit and interpersonal insight. Each one improves total success, but they are not all required for a perfect introduction. Choosing an option that doesn't succeed lowers your overall score. It's better not to choose an option if you know you'll fail the check.  


Avalie interrupts the MC with a question about her ambition for the summit. With high enough persuasion (> 250), you get added options. Choosing Katyia's Legacy requires a minimum of 250 persuasion. If you choose to lie and select a different secret ambition, that requires 300 persuasion to pull off successfully.  

Selfish ambitions (romance, power) will alienate some of the delegates. Choosing Katyia's Legacy will alienate the Revaire royalty. An ambition that benefits the MC's own nation will generally add approval and sometimes respect. The ambitions to witness history or create history are speculated to be connected to the historians and weavers factions respectively, and choosing them will increasses approval by those factions.  

Succeeding perfectly at the ambition challenge requires eloquence >= 75. While possessing an eloquence that's at least 50 points high would result in great success. Lastly, having at least 30 eloquence is required to ensure partial success.  

After the introductions[]

After the challenge, you will receive a letter with different text depending on your challenge success.

For a perfect/great success:

Fair lady,

We have not had the chance to get to know one another, in fact, the first I have truly seen of you was during your self-introduction..[sic] During which I found you enchanting, eloquent, and charming.

Which is why I feel compelled to give you a warning,

This is not a safe place to stand out as exceptional.

I urge you to be careful this week.

-A friend.

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