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"You seem completely clueless when it comes to gaining insight on people and situations."

"Insightful Improvement" achievement.


Your ability to gain insight about people and situations.

This skill is part of 3 cumulative skills - Quick Wit , Persuasion and Interpersonal Insight.

How to gain insight[]

Week 1[]

  1. WFC - Anaele - You must be happy at the opportunity to be able to create your own reputation, outside of your mother's shadow.
  2. WFC - Lisle - Compliment his sister.
  3. WFC - Woodly - Because he wants you to owe him a favor.
  4. WFC - Penelope - Tell her you are glad she's here.
  5. WFC - Hamin - Yes, it's practically an adventure!
  6. WFC - Cordelia - It was very pleasant, thank you for asking. And yours?
  7. WFC - Zarad - In the same flirtatious tone, return his compliments with friendly insults.
  8. WFC - Jaslen - The Attendees
  9. WFC - Lyon - Don't be silly. That assumes there's an objective standard of party attending performance.
  10. WFC - Avalie - Politely
  11. WFC - Falon - Discuss his famous Battle Tactics
  12. WFC - Emmett - The fuss is really silly when it's what is on the inside that counts.
  13. WFC - Yvette - The history of the Summit.
  14. WFC - Jarrod - By staring him down coldly.
  15. WFC - Gisette - Are there such things as petty ambitions, or only petty people?
  16. WFC - Clarmont - I hope to follow in Katyia's footsteps during these troubled times. OR People with the most power are often the worst human beings to be around.
  17. The Summit - Woodly - I am not the one with a reputation of avoiding the delegates, your grace. Are you certain it is I that has been absent and not you?

Week 2[]

  1. Horse Riding - Yvette - I think there is much to be learned from the stories of days long gone, Lady Yvette. Melancholy or not, so long as they are true.

Week 3[]

  1. MM Breakfast - Blain - Take heart, Lord Blain. You succeeded in making quite the dramatic entrance. I'm sure no one will forget it.

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