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Interview with Imogen for the Trial of Imogen

MC What can I do for you? Results Imogen
It's actually the opposite. I've been randomly chosen to speak on your behalf during the trial. She blinks at you through swollen eyes, you briefly explained your presence.
Please, there's no need to apologize. The last thing you need to worry about is my feelings. I'm here to help. +Compassion Her eyes, still swollen from shed tears, blinks at you slowly, like a very confused owl. You smile reassuringly and explain your presence.
Well, if you really wanted to make my life easier you could just confess. -Compassion She blinks at you, clearly unsettled by both your tone and your words. You sigh and explain your presence.
MC Imogen MC Imogen Imogen
Did you notice anything in the kitchens? The maid shakes her head.

No, the kitchens were completly empty. I remember thinking how odd it was since it almost never happens. Especially during the summit. but it was an unusual day, to begin with.

Well, sometimes when the cook is in a bad mood she sends everyone out of the kitchens. But if that were the case...it would take something big to make her leave the kitchen unattended.

especially with the tea on fire.

Did you notice anything about the tea? Nothing I swear! It looked & smelled just like cook's usual bark tea. The only strange thing was that the cook wasn't hovering over it to make sure it didn't boil over.
Do you think anyone saw you last night and can testify

that you didn't do anything wrong?

I don't think so. Everyone was so busy & like I said, there wasn't anyone else in the kitchens. But I swear I didn't do anything!
What do you know about Lord Adalric? I...general maids like me don't really get to know any of your guests very well. Not like your personal staff. I only spoke to him a couple of times. I knew he was from Revaire. And that he had met someone who made him smile secretly when he thought no one was looking.

And I know that he is...he was one of the few delegates that are really nice to the servants. He never yelled and he always said thank you.

but we didn't have any improper relationship if that's what you're implying! This job means everything to me! I would never!

Do you have any reason to want him dead? No of course not! I'd never killed anyone. I barely knew him, but Lord Adalric was nice. So I especially would never want to hurt him! Anyone you can think of who would want him dead?

I see. I have another question

I.. No! there wasn't even a little bit of gossip about him in the servant's mess. he was never mean or curt with any of us. I don't know why anyone would unless... -Brief conversation. -He's from Revaire. And...well, it's not a good time to be a nice person in Revaire. Or so the rumors say.
Why do you think they suspect your killed him? I don't know! They said I'm the last person who saw him. And since they think the tea..adn I brought the tea...but he was fine the last time I saw him. and Isawer I didn't notice anything wrong with the tea. Not that it will matter. not to everyone. Not when it's easier to believe it was someone like me... -In that case, is someone setting you up?-I see I have another question. Setting me up? I didn't think...I just assumed it was a mistake. Do you really think...do you really think someone could be trying to make me look guilty on purpose?
How did you become to be a servant at the Isle? It's one of the few places you can go if you don't have anywhere else to go. That's what happens to a lot of us. It's what happened to me. More dialogue. But my story...I'm sure it doesn't have anything to do with..with what happened.
MC Imogen MC Imogen
Did you notice anything else strange? Besides the kitchens being empty? No. not with the...nevermind. I'm not supposed to talk about that. - I've been assured that everyone is supposed to cooperate with me fully. That means you can tell me.

- Alright. A different question then.

  • More dialogue.
  • Lord Adalric ...he wasn't the first body found. yesterday before the feast...they found another body. It was just a servant, so they decided not to upset the Summit by telling anyone At least they could investigate and get more information. That's why yesterday was so strange. Why people weren't all where they should have been. But...I don't know how they could be connected.
  • More dialogue.
MC Results Imogen
Did you kill him? No! I didn't kill him, I swear!
  • Don't worry I believe you. I promise I will do everything I can to prove your innocence.
  • Make sure that stays your answer. no matter who you are talking to.
  • Well, I didn't actually expect you to confess. even if it would make my life easier.



Thank you. thank you so much. (+)

It's the truth... (-)

She flinches at your words like you had smacked her instead of just said the truth. (-)

You don't have any more questions for Imogen.

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