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Imogen is a servant in the palace and is close friends with Ria. See Also: Imogen script


Short brown hair with a blue bow on top of bangs. She is seen wearing a blue and white dress.


She's very sweet and loyal to her friends and the Isle. She cries very easily.


Imogen doesn't go into details but she went into servitude at the Isle because she had nowhere else to go.


At one point the MC can run into her.

She is convicted of murdering Lord Adalric and is locked away. The MC is put in charge of presenting arguments in favor of the jury's acquittal of the accused, Imogen. Lady Avalie is chosen to present the arguments in favor of the jury's conviction of the accused.

After being convicted the MC has an opportunity to investigate her.

Depending on how well the trial goes she can be proclaimed innocent or guilty.

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