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How it influences the game[]

Matchmaker first interview[]

“It’s hard to root for a girl with no noticeable ethics.” 

Week 1 Dates[]

  • Clarmont's date - blackmail the maid
  • Gisette's date - character assassination (auto-fail if ethical and low manipulation)
  • Lyon's date - history debate (auto-fail if unethical)

Week 4[]

At the beginning of week 4, an immoral MC will get +5 to cunning, whereas an ethical one will get +5 to leadership.

How to change your personality[]

  • Character Creation
    • ​Arland MC - poison? 
    • Corval MC - eliminating your rivals
    • Hise MC - sinking ships
    • Jiyel MC - retribution against Jiya
    • Revaire - murdered your husband
      • A Revaire MC who did not murder her husband but considered it will get a smaller boost to immoral
    • Wellin - suitors' "accidents"
  • Introductions - supporting the Revaire royals in a conversation with Gisette (truth)
  • First matchmaker interview - poisoning the tea
  • Introductions - declaring Katyia's Legacy public ambition, and a different private one
  • Week 3 - Arland and Wellin delegates debate - lying will get this, usually

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