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Your knowledge on the history of the seven kingdoms.

History contributes to the cumulative skill: Booksmarts

How History affects the plot[]

  • Min 25
    • WFC - Lyon : Talk about the history of the summit. (+ respect)
  • Min 50
    • Unlocks More Than You Appear 's historian MC
    • Matchmaker first interview: You talk briefly about some interesting historical facts you know, but the Matchmaker's face never changes.
      • Otherwise: You attempt to remember some historical information that she might find worth discussion, but under her bored stare you find yourself mixing up facts and dates. (History failure.)

Hosted event - Lecture :

    • MC : I thought we were going to learn about the fallen empire, but if you are offering me the choice? Gremlins. Definitely migrating gremlins."

              Narrator: "Everyone, including the lecturer bursts out laughing, considering gremlins don't exist and are part of a longstanding academic joke on why certain books and papers always end up going missing.

      •                 Otherwise: Narrator: "You answer the ancient fallen empire, but your uncertainty shows in your voice. Considering the lecturer was making a joke, you just pointed out to the room how little you know on the subject. Awkward."

Horse riding event - You recognize the scarlet thorn from a description you read in a book.

    • Matchmaker second interview: I have heard you have impressed with your knowledge of history.
  • Min 60
  • Min 75

How to gain History[]

Character Creator[]

Week 1[]

  • WFC - Falon : Ask about Jiyel History. (+5)
  • WFC - Yvette : Ask about Arland. (+5)
  • Read the history book? : Yes, it might be relevant. (+5)
  • Hosted event: Lecture (+10 , otherwise +5 or 0)
  • Study to improve your abilities : History (+5)

Week 2[]

  • Exploring the Castle - Grand Library : Lyon (+5)
  • Study to improve your abilities : History (+5)

Week 3[]

  • Yvette's gift (+10)
  • Matchmaker 3rd interview : Why do the natives put up with the Summit at all? (+5)
  • Study to improve your abilities : History (+5)

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