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Formerly known as the 2nd '???' Faction prior the full demo.

Mainly interacting with Yvette will raise this faction.

  1. Welcome Feast Convo - Falon - Ask about Jiyel History
  2. Welcome Feast Convo - Yvette - I think it will be fascinating to witness such important events firsthand. Why, it's practically living through history!
  3. Lyon's date - I'm of the mind that if one is forced to choose, it is better to accurately preserve a record of what happened, in hopes that that knowledge can give better understanding and more choices to the future generations.
  4. Hosting a lecture ( Yvette gives more boosts if she's invited )
  5. The Summit - Witness History/Katyia's Footsteps
  6. Horse Ride - Yvette - I think there is much to be learned from the stories of days long gone, Lady Yvette. Melancholy or not, so long as they are true.

Interestingly, MC is able to be a secret historian upon having at least 50 History knowledge, 25 Intelligence and an unassuming personality.


Secret Scene - Whisper in the Library[]

This scene is most likely related to Historians.

MC overheard snippets of the strangest conversation between the Dowager Countess and Jasper. MC couldn't make out much, but there was something about responsibilities and oaths. It was strange, but not as strange as the fact those particular two were conversing at all. MC feels like she have stumbled over a piece of some greater mystery.

Secret Scene - An Unusual Song[]

This scene is likely related to the Historians.

MC discovered a young isle native boy involved in some very puzzling behaviors. First he was playing a song that is really a two hundred year old coded message and second he had a 'practice observation journal. MC can't help but feel it's all part of something bigger, some strange mystery that's going on.

Secret Scene[]

On week 4 it's possible to complete the Historian secret chain, provided you've discovered both of the previous secrets. It also requires high relationship with Jasper, and high insight. Find the final secret by exploring the castle and searching the guest hall.

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