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The island of pirates. That’s what most people call the Kingdom of Hise behind their backs. And occasionally, the very brave, to their faces. The small island nation houses a seemingly endless number of ships, and brave, and ethically questionable, people to sail them. In Hise all people are declared equal and judged merely on their skill.

Hise is an altogether different kettle of fish. It’s more of a colony of like-minded outlaws than a formal nation. It’s population, for instance, is really tiny compared to the other nations.[1]

Island Farine[]

During the 3rd week date with Emmett as a Hise!MC at some old galleries in the Castle, she notes a painting of a side of an island. The center of the island, the landlocked city of Farine, where those who do not feel the call of the wind or sea, or have lost the call, go to create and grow instead of take. All those of Hise know one truth that few outsiders grasp. That Farine is the true heart of Hise.

Emmett notes her attention to the painting and mentioned he had seen the island before. The captain of the ship he was on told him that he could spend forever on a Hise ship, but he would never truly understand Hise until he saw what Hise protected. She told Emmett that you could sail from one side of the world to the other, but unless you wanted to lose your way you had to have more than a port of call, you had to have a home, a real home, a steady home, that wouldn't change by the whims of storm or sea to set your compass by. The captain then took him to Farine and Emmett understood a little on what it meant to be from Hise.


  • The creator pronounces Hise as he-s. (Like rhymes with Reese and peace and lease).[2]
  • Famous for their tropical fruits and their fish. Very creative with their traditional dishes. (Lots of mixed flavors)[3]


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