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Welcome Feast[]

MC Welcome Dinner Dialogue Result Requirements
Approach + Friendship + Respect
Hamin Asks a question
  • You'd think they would have better ways to spend their time than come up with this.
  • Yes, it's practically an adventure!
  • This is nothing compared to the parties I through.
  • it's just not a party until someone's passed out drunk.
  • Friendship+?
  • ++Insight +5
  • Rival ---
  • Friendship+
How do you entertain the Prince?
  • Pickpocket
  • Tell a funny story
  • Recite his family lineage.
  • Do a funny dance
  • I'm not one's dancing monkey gosh darn it!
  • (+)Friendship
  • ('+)Friendship'
  • (+)Respect
  • (+) Courage
  • (-) Rival
Street Smarts

Charm 30

Politics 50

Make a proper pirate out of you
  • You'd have to catch me first. (+)
  • That's a horrible way to win over a girl! (-)
  • What's to say I don't kidnap you first?(+++)
  • What? No confidence in your ability to win me over the old fashioned way?+
  • Sorry, I'm not interested. (---)
  • +Romance
  • -Rival
  • +++Romance
  • +Romance
  • ---Rival

1st Week/Date[]

1st Date


Hamin Hamin asks MC to go on a date with him
  • Chose Hamin
  • Stay with Jasper
  • Find compromise


  • Surely, as a captain of a ship, you must agree that it's important to have a balance of people. even if they're butlers who you find wearingly serious.
  • I know. I don't know what sort of training they go through to become summit butlers, but it definitely seems to involve swearing against anything that might be remotely exciting. (+?)
  • I admire people like Jasper. I think you could approach life with a little more seriousness. (-)
  • (Nuetral+?)
  • Positive+?
  • Negative-
Hamin More conversation:
  • Should we go and find someone to tell us why it's forbidden?++
  • Other option*++
  • Isn't it being in the forbidden wind adventure enough?
  • I didn't agree to come with you so I could do the work. You are supposed to be one entertaining me.
Hamin takes MC to a "secret location"


  • Personally, I find you both a different type of unpleasant. (-)
  • I promise you are making my own stay at the summit much more bearable yourself.
  • How flattering Prince Hamin. (+?)
  • That's far too much responsibility to place on me. Hamin of Hise. I would prefer you to find value in your stay independent of me. (-?)
  • You never know. Maybe the winds blew you to meet me for a reason. (+)
  • -
  • ?
  • +?
  • -?
  • +

Boat Race[]

After matchmaker approved romance[]

After matchmaker approved romance


Conversation with no choices
  • Oh? and where would we go? (++ )
  • I think it's rather impractical to attempt to sail a ship with one person. (+)
  • Again with that nonsense? Sometimes I think you don't have a serious bone in your body! (-)
  • ++
  • +
  • -
  • Strange and unexpected? You sure know how to woo a girl. (+?)
  • What's this passive wistfulness? That's not the captain I know. (-)
  • Well, I supposed I will have to take responsibility then. Whatever happens, I'll be there to help you through it. (++)
  • +
  • -
  • ++
  • I'm sorry Hamin. I don't see you that way. (Neutral?)
  • You've said a lot of nonsense, but this is the best nonsense you've ever said. Let's build a future together. (+)
  • I....thank you so much for your feelings, Hamin. Hearing this...means a lot to me.(-?)
  • ?
  • +
  • -?

Main Date[]

Main Date


  • Promises, promises. You keep saying you will kidnap me, but you never go through with it! (+?)
  • Thank you, Hamin. Spending time will with you like this...It's exactly what I needed. (+)
  • This is really out of character for you. I don't usually expect thoughtfulness from a pirate. (-?)


Romance -

  • "What's it like being a pirate?" (Not available for Hise MCs)
  • "Do you ever think about what your future will be like?"
  • "Entertain me, monkey!"
  • "You can admire the view if I get to do the same"
No change


No change


Spend time with Intended

Have you given into your baser instincts and come to kidnap me at last?"

  • There's a boat, let's go!
  • It's no fun if the thought makes you happy. I'll only kidnap you when you least expect it.
  • Someday, I will get you to stay serious for more than thirty seconds at a time
No change

No change

No change

"What on earth prevailed on you to choose to align with...someone like me"

  • Because with you, I think every day will be a new adventure. And there's no one I'd rather have at my side to have them wth.
  • Running away to the Hise sounds nice.
  • Someone brave and charismatic? charming and adventurous? Loyal and fun? No, I don't see why anyone would like that.
  • I've already chosen you, it's rather silly to doubt why now, don't you think?
  • Romance+
  • No change
  • Romance++
  • Romance-
Spend time with your intended 2 Romance+ | Charisma +10