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If you have moderately high friendship or romance with Hamin, he will invite you to be part of his team for the boat race. However, if you have vea ry high romance, you can invite him to join your team and he will agree. It's important to note that for all MCs except the pirate's daughter, successfully recruiting Hamin is the only way to win the race and unlock the achievement A Victory of Leadership

Welcome Feast[]

Hamin's agreement hinges on choosing exactly the right dialogue options during the Welcome Feast. These options increase his romance to the maximum possible at this point in the game. Succeeding in his week 1 date or inviting him to a perfect event increases friendship and respect, but not romance. 


MC Welcome Dinner Dialogue Result Requirements
Approach + Friendship + Respect
Hamin Asks a question
  • You'd think they would have better ways to spend their time than come up with this.
  • Yes, it's practically an adventure!
  • This is nothing compared to the parties I through.
  • it's just not a party until someone's passed out drunk.
  • Friendship+?
  • ++Insight +5
  • Rival ---
  • Friendship+
How do you entertain the Prince?
  • Pickpocket
  • Tell a funny story
  • Recite his family lineage.
  • Do a funny dance
  • I'm not one's dancing monkey gosh darn it!
  • (+)Friendship
  • ('+)Friendship'
  • (+)Respect
  • (+) Courage
  • (-) Rival
Street Smarts

Charm 30

Politics 50

Make a proper pirate out of you
  • You'd have to catch me first. (+)
  • That's a horrible way to win over a girl! (-)
  • What's to say I don't kidnap you first?(+++)
  • What? No confidence in your ability to win me over the old fashioned way?+
  • Sorry, I'm not interested. (---)
  • +Romance
  • -Rival
  • +++Romance
  • +Romance
  • ---Rival

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