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“There’s nothing worse than being on your best behavior.”

Hamin is a delegate from Hise.



The roguish, mischievous and charismatic Pirate Captain of the ship Blackwater is the son of the leader of the free pirates of Hise. As such he’s as close to royalty as they get, but he has proved no mere legacy as his skills at sailing and command are legendary among his peers.

He is quick with a wink and quicker with a joke, but getting to know what, if anything, is behind his easy grin won’t be easy!

You know what they say about pirates: be careful or it might end up being your heart that gets stolen!


Hamin wears his sun-lightened dark hair in many braids, pulled back by a brightly colored scarf. His ears glitter of gold and gems, as both are liberally dotted with earrings.

His open vest does little to hide his muscular chest and he wears shockingly little in general. He wears brightly colored pants, and an even brighter scarf belt around his waist.

The effect of his cocky grin is only heightened by his mischievous green eyes and his obvious excess of personality and commanding confidence make him seem much taller than he really is.


Although he is still young, Hamin is already on the path to surpass his father. He is impulsive, adventurous and irreverent, and most importantly, an excellent leader and captain of his own ship, the Blackwater, which he has been in charge of since he was fifteen.

Rumors of his fearless adventures have reached even outside Hise. He is supposed to be some sort of pirate prodigy, a genius Captain. Although power does not pass from father to son in Hise, all rumors point to Hamin taking over from his father when the latter is ready to retire.

Hamin is usually seen standing in the center of any big group.

Hamin constantly threatens to kidnap you (though mostly as a joke).


It is hinted that Hamin may have kidnapped Zachariah in the past. Leala notes that Hamin feels guilty in regard to Zachariah.


Week 1[]

Hamin will come into your room unannounced forcing you to make a choice between studying with Jasper or exploring the Castle with Hamin. You may also choose to compromise with a high enough stat in ???. He will also gift you a blue stone speckled with gold flecks.

Week 2[]

Hamin will save you from your horse riding 'accident' if you have high enough romance/friendship. He is also the only way you can win the boat race was the captain without being from Hise

Week 3[]

If you have unlocked Hamin's romance, the Matchmaker will say: "That little scamp from Hise, Hamin, had a fair few words to say about you. Most of them complete nonsense of course. But I have a feeling he's more serious about you than he is about most things. As much as that is worth."

If you ask the Matchmaker about him during the final interview, she says: "That rascal? What is there possibly to say? Do you want me to tell you that he's a sure choice? For I'm not in the habit of lying and that boy is trouble. Not to say you can't handle yourself some trouble, but you would have to be sure of yourself to do it."

Week 4[]


Hise MC[]

He meets her at the welcome feast for the first time.

Queen Pickle[]

He owns a calico cat named Queen Pickle. Hamin is the only person she truly likes. He values her quite a bit and she is also one of his secret weapons. Queen Pickle will (eventually) accept any MC who makes Hamin happy and might even start to like the MC more which will make Hamin jealous.


Hamin has been friends with her practically since they were toddlers. She is currently his second-in-command. They are both part of the second generation of famous Hise people (like Hise MC).

She is his best friend, but this wasn’t always the case.

She would have issues with the MC if she hurts/she’s afraid she will hurt Hamin.


Somehow important to Hamin, however, he is very reluctant to talk about him.

It is hinted that Hamin may have kidnapped him in the past. Leala notes that Hamin feels guilty in regard to him. He is likely deceased as when MC is crushed during the Theatrical assassination attempt he will say "I can't lose you too". It's a possible source of angst.

His parents[]

Hamin's dad is the charismatic, serious and responsible elected leader of Hise who has a very lively sense of humor and is friendly and generous with everyone. He has very high expectations of his son and the two have a bit of a strained relationship, however they share a lot in common. Hamin is both his father’s son and overly aware of it. He admires and looks up to his father, although he would never admit it.

His father would be delighted if Hamin brought back a girl. Both for Hamin’s sake and for his own because he now has a bunch of new ammo to tease his son about. [1]

Hamin's mother couldn’t handle life on Hise and left them when he was young. More information on their relationship is not given.


  • Lives in a small house by himself
  • Gives away a significant portion of his pirate haul to the poor in whatever country they have stolen from
  • He has iron taste buds and an equally iron gut. Two traits that have bred strong in the leadership of Hise for obvious reasons.
  • Is an ESFP
  • Hamin means “a great leader” in Scandinavian.
  • It is humanly possible to out-drink Hamin during a drinking contest, however you would usually find most of the competitors passed out or mumbling under tables by the end
  • The reality of how Hamin cooks and what Hamin thinks the reality of what he cooks is, is not really close (He's a bad cook and doesn't realize it)
  • Weapon of choice: Queen Pickles (Long Daggers)
  • He owns pirate hats, however, the creator does not want to disclose any information on whether or not any of them are fancy pirate hats
  • Best dancer out of the love interests.[2]


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