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Your ability to move and dance

Grace contributes to the cumulative skill: Defensive Instincts

How Grace affects the plot[]

  • Min 50
    • Matchmaker 1st Interview : Despite the high pressure of the situation, you manage to hold and serve the tea with unshaken, graceful precision.
    • Hamin's date - Oh? Should we climb out onto that little parapet then? (+ Hamin's respect)
    • Hosting event: Tea - With great grace, you easily catch and right the cup and not a single drop is split. This earns you a few impressed smiles from your guests.
    • Matchmaker breakfast - You neatly reach up and manage to catch the offending scone before the situation can get any worse.
    • Matchmaker 2nd interview: You are as graceful as anyone could require from someone in your position.
  • Min 75
    • Matchmaker 2nd interview: You move with the grace of a trained dancer, MC . Your natural grace is a pleasure to watch

How to gain/lose Grace[]

Character Creator[]

  • Automatic Base Stat (+25)
  • "You used skills you learned from your dancing instructor to give the mob the slip." (+25)
  • "Elephants are afraid you will step on them" (-15)
  • "Dancing (or moving) gracefully" (-10)

Week 1[]

  • Lisle's 'date': (+10, +5 if not successful)
  • Ask Someone for Skill Advice: Dancing with Jasper (+5)

Week 2[]

  • Ask Someone for Skill Advice: Dancing with Jasper (+5)
  • Explore the Castle : Gazebo, if romancing Gisette (+5)
  • Explore the Castle: Training Room, if romancing Jarrod and made specific dialogue choices in week 1 (+5)

Week 3[]

  • Explore the Castle: Your Room (+5 Jasper relationship, before MM breakfast)
  • Ask someone for Skill Advice: Dancing with Jasper (+5)
Beauty * Charisma * Charm * Etiquette

Eloquence * Leadership * Manipulation * Poise

Courage * Cunning * Grace * Self Defense

Intelligence * Insight

Cumulative Skills:

Persuasion * Likability * Book Smarts * Quick Wits * Interpersonal Insight * Defensive Instincts