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Week 1[]


If observed[]

Princess Gisette looks like she was made from moonlight. She has long, silver blonde hair, purple-blue eyes, pale skin and a sharply angled face of chiseled perfection. She has all the beauty of a masterwork sculpture, and all the warmth of the same. Her elaborate gown is tight and expensive-looking. She is small enough that you feel that a strong wind might knock her over. She half-smiles at the room, only to widen into a large, seductive smile when she meets the gaze of any of its residents.

An Ambitious Widow: Where her brother is all distant angry fire, Princess Gisette is seductive ice. From the stories you have heard you know better than to underestimate her simply because of her ethereal looks. She would be a very dangerous enemy, and a very useful ally.

Other MCs: Despite her inviting expression, something about her leaves you feeling cold. You haven't heard much of her, in particular, just whispers that she, like the rest of her family, will go to frightening lengths to preserve or gain power.


An Ambitious Widow: The Princess raises one perfectly arched eyebrow slightly at your approach. You know enough about her to know that means she isn't exactly pleased with your intention to converse with her. This impression is only furthered by the chill note to her voice as she greets you.


Other MCs: The Princess slightly raises one perfectly arched eyebrow at your approach, as if surprised at your intention to talk with her. Still, she gives you a perfectly mannered curtsy of greeting.


Having greeted you, and received your greetings in return the Princess smiles decisively at you, and for some reason, although you can't spot any one thing that convinces you your impression is correct, you have the feeling she's sending glacial waves of chill intent at you.

Gisette: "I'm sure you are perfectly lovely, MC, but you must agree our time would be better spent getting to know the people we might, in fact, marry."

choice requirements Effects Conversation
Your modesty does you credit, your Highness, but surely you must agree that you have more value than simply as a future bride. 50 manipulation ++ Respect N:"Both eyebrows rise this time and she eyes you with demonstrable new respect."

G: "I suppose you are correct, MC. Very well."

It seems perfectly logical to widen your circle of acquaintances. Your future spouse isn't the only person you will ever talk to again, after all. 50 Intelligence + Respect N:"The corner of Princess Gisette's mouth raises slightly and she eyes you with some new respect."

G: "A fair point, MC. Very well."

Surely you must agree there is political advantage in getting to know every person of important at the Summit. 50 Politics + Respect N:"The corner of Princess Gisette's mouth raises slightly and she eyes you with some new respect."

G: "I suppose that is true, MC. Very well."

What does marriage have to do with romance? 50 Courage + Romance N:"The Princess is notably surprised, but does not appear offended. Instead she eyes you with new interest."

G:"How deliciously unexpected, MC. Very well.

Umm... NIL End of convo N: "Under the pressure of the moment, you find yourself unable to think of anything to say that might persuade the determined Princess to conversation. Instead, before you even realize what is going on, you find yourself neatly disposed of, until you are alone again with no choice but to regroup and find someone else to talk with."

MC spent a few moments led along a dance of all the proprieties. She inquires into MC's journey and her health, comments on the weather and the decorations. Compliments her outfit.

You spend a few moments led along a dance of all the proprieties. She inquires into your journey and your health, comments on the weather and the decorations. Compliments your outfit. You are beginning to wonder why you fought so hard for this conversation when suddenly, an unexpected question pops sweetly out of Gisette's mouth, regaining your full attention.

Gisette: "So, MC, are you a woman of grand ambitions, or of petty ones?"

choice effects convo
Are there such things as petty ambitions, or only petty people? +5 Insight

+ Respect

She laughs pleasantly, as if you have just told a grand joke. But you are pleased with having found the answer that gives the Princess no insight into your true nature, is unobjectionable, but also sounds like you are giving a true opinion.
Ambitions are like treasure, best in number and better hidden. + Respect and Rivalry

A bit of Ambitious

She smiles pleasantly at you, but you can tell she has noted your ambition and will remember it.
I don't claim any grand ambitions, only grand company. A bit of Unassuming G: " Your humility does you credit, my dear."

N: "The princess smiles and speaks sweetly, but you can tell she has noted your answer and will remember it."

Forgive me, Princess, but this topic hardly seems appropriate for our first meeting.

> Flirting

>> Not Flirting


+ Respect and Romance


+ Respect and Rivalry


N:" You smile like you know a secret and look at the Princess through slightly lowered lashes, your voice coming out like a purr."

N:"Princess Gisette smiles at you and you see a flash of interest in her eyes."

G: "And propriety is so appropriate to you then?"

N:"You grin and she responds with a meaningful smile."


G: "A fair point. My apologies, MC."

N: "She doesn't sound especially sorry."

N:"You can tell the Princess isn't pleased with your deflection, but she respects you more for having done it."

Forgive me, Princess but this topic hardly seems appropriate for the current circumstances.

> Flirting

>> Not Flirting


+ Respect and Romance


+ Respect and Rivalry


N:" You smile like you know a secret and look at the Princess through slightly lowered lashes, your voice coming out like a purr."

N:"Princess Gisette smiles at you and you see a flash of interest in her eyes, followed by something that might be regret."

G: "I suppose not. A pity, then."


G: "Of course. I should have remembered you have such a reputation...for being appropriate.MC.."


Princess Gisette smoothly transitions back into innocent conversational waters and, almost against your own will, you find yourself relaxing under her sunny smiles and encouraging responses.

It is almost a surprise, although it shouldn't be, when she once again asks an unexpected question in the same light tone she used to inquire about your hair care regimen.

G:"MC, I'm sure you have heard of Revaire's recent...troubles. The unfortunate business with displeased peasants. I'd be very grateful if you would favor me with your opinion on the matter."  

Choices Effects Conversations
if widow + Revaire Royals N: "Well, considering your background, there's really only one opinion for you to have. Especially safely. You smile."

MC: "It's benefited me personally. I don't think much else about it."

N: "The Princess nods at your response and although you can tell it was the answer she expected, it also pleases her."

G: "Thank you for your conversation, MC. But I think it is best for both our own sakes and the sake of the continued prosperity and fortune of Revaire that we talk with someone else now, no?"

N: "Leaving you no opportunity to disagree, you find yourself quickly sent back out to talk to others, a good little soldier in the battle to win the new Revaire Regime new allies."

N: "At least you are still alive to do it, which is more than can be said for every Revaire lady to spend an extended amount of time in conversation with the Princess."

It's unfortunate the peasants must suffer for the disagreements of the powerful. +++++ Rivalry

A bit of Ethical End of convo

N: "Princess Gisette smiles tightly at you, and you can tell that you have won no friend this day. Indeed, you don't think you could have said anything that would have displeased her more. Still, what you said was right and in supporting the peasants, you are doing the right thing. That will have to be enough, even in the face of a potential new enemy. After a pointed pause, Princess Gisette finally speaks, her voice still calm and sweet."

G: "Of course. We must all feel bad for the suffering of those...unfortunates. How generous of you to defend them."

N: "She makes a few more harmless remarks on the fashion and the music before politely, but firmly excusing herself. Leaving you with no choice but to talk to someone else."

Clearly the peasants don't know their place. I fully support your family. (Lie)


>> Failure


Convo continues


++++++ Rivalry , End of convo


N: "There is a moments pause while the Princess studies you intently, as if testing your words for any hint of falseness. You smile innocently, as if unaware of any such cause or need and eventually her scrutiny is relaxed. She smiles at you, pleased to have met a perceived ally."


N: "The Princess gives you an icy look while she studies you, searching for signs of deception. Unfortunately for you, she finds them.It's clear that you do not have the skill to lie to her and get away with it. She smiles at you with cold intent, and if a simple twist of a mouth could do violence, you would be suffering indeed."

G: "I see. Thank you, MC. I will remember what you have said."

N: "She talks idly with you for a little longer, of harmless topics like the health of your relatives and the oil your maid used to make your hair shine, smiling sunnily at you, her voice light and pleasant.But you know better. By not supporting her family, and worse, getting caught lying about it, you have won yourself ill-feeling from one of the more powerful delegates. It will be advisable to take care in all future interactions with the Princess.Soon she makes her polite excuses, leaving you free to speak with someone else. Hopefully someone you will do better with than the icy Princess."

Clearly the peasants don't know their place. I fully support your family. (Truth) A bit of Immoral N: "The princess gives you a hard stare, as if to ascertain the veracity of your intent. Quickly satisfied that you aren't lying, the Princess smiles at you, pleased to have met an ally."

(If MC has succeeded on being her ally) G: "Well, MC, that's a surprising position for you to take."

Choice Effects Convo
How can one fail to support such a charming and beautiful lady? ++ Romance N:"Princess Gisette's smile deepens, and her eyes light up with pleasure."

G: "A compliment that might just as easily be reflected back on its giver."

I'm an unusual girl. + Romance N: "She laughs."

G: "Indeed, I see that you are."

We people with power should look out for one another. NIL N: "Princess Gisette nods agreeably."

G: "A fair enough point, MC."

G: "I'm honestly quite surprised to be saying this, MC, but I've quite enjoyed our little tete-a-tete and I feel it a pity that it must now come to an end. Hopefully we will chat again soon."

The Princess smiles at you regretfully and sweeps down into a low curtsy, angling herself in a way below you, (in a way that you are quite convinced is intentional,) she gives you quite the flattering view of her figure.

You make your goodbyes. It's time again to talk with someone else, but you find yourself doubting that anyone else you meet or talk to will be quite like the Princess Gisette.

WFC Dinner[]

Conditions Narrator's comment
++ Rivalry Princess Gisette notices your discomfort and nods acknowledgment at you. It might be just your imagination, but you feel as if her smile is edged with a tint of cruelty.
++ Romance You feel an intent pair of violent eyes studying you. Being the subject of Princess Gisette's contemplation is an unnerving experience, but not, you find, necessarily in a bad way.