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Week 3[]

Girls Night is one of the Hosted Events[]


100% Rejection Comes Boosts Special Skills needed  Approvals
  • Jaslen
  • Yvette
  • Anaele
  • Avalie
  • Penelope
  • Cordelia
  • Ria
  • Sayra
  • Gisette
  • Gossip - Cordelia, Avalie
  • Talented actor -  Gisette, Avalie
  • Pretty boy - Ana, Penelope
  • Conversations between
    • Avalie - Penelope
    • Anaele - Cordelia
    • Gisette - Sayra
Persuasion, likeability and interpersonal insight
  • Weaver
  • Wellin
  • Hise
  • Corval
  • Arland


Narrator: "If you want, you can invite your fellow female delegates to have a friendly evening together, no boys allowed."

Jasper: "It's not the most orthodox event, but it might prove a nice break from all the pressure of alliances and marriages this week."

Jasper: ""It would probably be better on the smaller side. I'm sure the staff can provide for most your needs, but that depends entirely on what you would want to do."

Narrator: "You can arrange for some additional entertainment for your night. What kind of entertainment do you want to arrange?"

Entertainment Gold Jasper's comment
Sweets and Gossip 5 "As you wish."
Hire a talented  actor to declaim horrid love poetry dramatically. 10 "As you wish."
Hire a pretty, young, male musician to play for you. 10 "As you wish."
I don't want any special entertainment. 0 "I understand."

Jasper: "Now we must consider your guest list. Remember that people will accept and reject your invitation based on their feelings towards you and towards the type of event you chose to host."

Narrator: "You can invite 5 people to your event."

Who Jasper's comment
Anaele Are you sure you want to invite Princess Anaele?
Avalie Are you sure you want to invite Lady Avalie?
Cordelia Are you sure you want to invite Princess Cordelia?
Gisette Are you sure you want to invite Princess Gisette?
Penelope Are you sure you want to invite Princess Penelope?
Ria J: "Inviting your maid is a most...unusual choice, MC. And it will be noticed. "

N: "Do you want to invite Ria anyway?"

MC: "Yes."

N: "He nods."

J: "As you wish."

Sayra J: "Inviting your maid is a most...unusual choice, MC. And it will be noticed. "

N: "Do you want to invite Sayra anyway?"

MC: "Yes."

N: "He nods."

J: "As you wish."

Yvette Are you sure you want to invite the Dowager Countess?
Jaslen Are you sure you want to invite Princess Jaslen?

After inviting[]

Narrator: "You can't invite anyone else."

Narrator: "Planning your event has taken all morning. Nothing to do now but wait and see if your invitations are accepted."

Who Min Requirements Acceptance Rejection
Anaele ++++ Romance OR

+++ Friendship

Jasper :"Princess Anaele's butler wishes to pass on her enthusiastic acceptance to your girl's night."

Narrator: "Something in Jasper's tone makes you think that Ana's enthusiasm was...less than polite."

Jasper : "Princess Anaele says that while she thinks your event sounds 'better than most stuffy shirt prancy events' she has already agreed to do something else tonight."
Avalie ++++ Respect Jasper: "Lady Avalie has accepted your invitation." Jasper: "Lady Avalie will not be attending your event."
Cordelia +++ Friendship and Respect Jasper: "Princess Cordelia has accepted your invitation." Jasper: "Princess Cordelia has sent her polite regrets."
Gisette Less than ++++ Rivalry AND++++ Friendship/Romance OR Respect Jasper: "Princess Gisette has agreed to attend. She expressed that your event was 'too intriguing to resist'." Jasper: "Princess Gisette sends her most sincerest regrets."
Penelope No rivalry and +++++ Friendship Jasper: "Princess Penelope has sent her pleased acceptance. She is looking forward to the chance to make new friends" Jasper: "Princess Penelope sends her regrets, but she will not be able to attend."
Ria +++ Romance Jasper: "Ria was very happy to receive your invitation. She is a little bit hesitant, but she has agreed to attend." Jasper: "While Ria appreciates the invitation, she doesn't feel comfortable with that level of socializing with your fellow delegates."
Sayra ++ Friendship OR Respect Jasper: "Sayra has some reservations, but has ultimately decided to accept your invitation." Jasper: "Sayra appreciates the thought behind the invitation, but is not comfortable accepting it."
Yvette WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "The Dowager Countess Yvette has sent her best wishes for your event, but regretfully declines the invitation."
Jaslen WILL NOT ATTEND WILL NOT ATTEND Jasper: "Princess Jaslen has sent you a polite rejection, stating other plans this evening."

Number of attendees:

If no one attended :

Narrator: "Unfortunately, no one has accepted your invitation. As such all your time, effort and money preparing for your event has been a waste. There's nothing left to do but cancel and clean up."

Narrator: "Next time, you will have to choose your invitations better.


Narrator : "So (number of people) people have accepted your invitation and will join you for girls' night."

Narrator : "Jasper has reserved one of the parlors for you and your guests but, in keeping with your theme, once he finished helping you set up, he removed himself."

Narrator : "Leaving you alone to entertain your fellow ladies."

Number of girls attended Narrator's comments
5 All of the girls you invited have accepted your invitation to girls night.
4 Almost everyone accepted your invitation, this is quite the achievement and will increase your reputation.
2/3 You had a rather embarrassing number of refusals. Jasper had to round up some bored and minor attendees to fill out your event last minute.
1 Only one person accepted your invitation to girls night. Rather embarrassing. Jasper had to round up some bored and minor attendees to fill out your event last minute.


Type Comment Boost
No entertainment Narrator: "Your guests idle awkwardly, unsure of what to do since you haven't planned any entertainment." NIL
Sweets and Gossips Narrator: "You have set out a platter full of sweets and are prepared to gossip with the girls."

Avalie: "Well, isn't this charming. I do love little chats like these, don't you?"

Cordelia: "These sweets are delicious, thank you."

Narrator: "You and your guests have a good time eating the sweets and having a little friendly gossip."

+ Friendship to Cordelia
Talented actor N: "Your guests are seated and ready for the 'amazing entertainment' you promised."

N: "You struggle to keep a straight face, knowing just what your guests have in store."

N: "Soon a fresh faced young actor with a very deep voice is declaiming such great lines as 'my heart bursts like an overripe orange, when you are near, I shed a single tear"

N: "You hired well, the actor even manages to keep a straight face. Which is more than you can say for yourself and your guests.

Gisette: "Clearly, my dear, I have underestimated you. You are in fact a treasure."

Avalie: "This might end up the highlight of my entire week. You may in fact be a genius, MC."

Narrator: "Finally, you excuse the poor actor when your guests start heckling him and trying to make him laugh or blush."

Narrator: "But that doesn't stop the rest of you from having some good giggles at his expense."

Narrator: "And you know you are going to spend the rest of the night quoting the bad poetry at one another."

+ Friendship to Gisette and Avalie+ Respect to Gisette
Pretty boy Narrator: "Your encourage your guests to take their seats knowing the musician you hired will show up soon."

Narrator: "He comes in and he's very young, very pretty, and very talented."

Narrator: "Some of your guests are just enjoying the music. Others you suspect are enjoying the view."

Ana: "This reminds me of back home. My mother enjoys having the young pretty ones play at night."

Penelope: "...Does he have to keep looking at me. And what is he wearing? Oh, God."

Narrator: "Finally the music comes to an end and the musician escapes, blushing at some of the encouragement your genteel lady guests shout as his retreating back."


Narrator: "While your guests all liked you enough to accept your invitation, that doesn't mean they like each other."

Who? Conversations
Anaele and Cordelia A: "I heard many interesting things about Hise. I was excited to meet the pretty pirate ladies of much fiercesness."

A: "...Are you just very good at the pretending? Or are the stories all wrongness?"

C: "Pardon me?"

Gisette and Sayra G: "You invited your...maid? Aren't you positively quaint, MC."

S: "Her taste in guests is questionable. At least we agree on that."

G: "Oh, not just a maid. A sassy one. Your life is so interesting, MC."

Avalie and Penelope A: "Why aren't you just the most adorable little thing."

P: "...th-thank you?"

A: "Pity about that stutter though. Still, it's sort of adorable and thankfully someone like you isn't popular for what you say."

Narrator: "Soon enough conversation between your guests has changed course from pleasant to uncomfortable."

Narrator: "And it comes down to you, the hostess, to salvage it."

Persuasion +

Likeability + Interpersonal insight

Narrator's Comment
min 800 Thankfully, no one is better at controlling a conversation than you. You are a conversation master. Within minutes you have redirected the conversation and everyone is getting along, even better than before.
min 650 Thankfully, you are pretty good at directing and controlling the flow of conversation and manage to steer it into better waters. It's still a little tense, but you consider it mostly a success.
min 500 You manage to smooth over the awkwardness a little, but the conversation is still a little tense and stilted.
495 and below Despite your best attempts, the conversation gets worse and worse. Your guests end the night with bad feelings towards one another.

Narrator: "Before long, the group of you are battling yawns and it's time to call it a night."

Narrator: "Your guests break into small groups before coming one by one to wish you a good night."

Who Comments
Anaele A: "This is a good custom, this 'girls night'. I like it. Let's do it again!"
Penelope P: "Thank you for inviting me, MC. It's nice of you to help me try and make more friends."
Cordelia C: "Thank you for your invitation, MC. It was an interesting way to spend the evening."
Gisette N: "Princess Gisette gives you a nod of acknowledgment and a slight smile.."

G: "Thank you for the invitation, MC. It was a surprising way to spend an evening."

Avalie N:"Lady Avalie gives you an inexplicable smile."

A:"Thank you so much for your invitation, MC. I do enjoy these kind of gatherings."

Sayra S: "It was...interesting. Thank you for including me."
Ria N: "Your last guest having departed, Ria walks up to you, a bright smile on her face."

R:"Thank you so much for inviting me, MC. I never thought the day would come when I would be invited to talk with such fancy people! Thank you ever so much!"

Narrator: "Now that the last of your guests have left to go sleep, your duties as hostess is finished."

Narrator: "So how do you think your event went?"

Narrator's comment
Perfect Your girls night went perfect. It couldn't have gone any better. What an amazing hostess you are!
Talented Your girls night went great. You are a talented hostess!
Average Your girls night went alright. You are an average hostess.
Otherwise Your girls night really didn't go very well. You aren't a very skilled hostess.


Type of host Person Approval
Perfect Anaele ++++ Friendship

Penelope + Friendship, +++ Respect

Cordelia +++ Friendship, + Respect

Gisette ++ Friendship and Respect

Avalie ++ Friendship and Respect

Sayra + Friendship and Respect

Ria ++ Friendship and Romance

++ Arland Court

++ Corval Traders

+ Hise Pirates

+ Weaver

++ Wellin Nobles

Talented Anaele ++ Friendship

Penelope + Friendship, ++ Respect

Cordelia ++ Friendship, + Respect

Gisette +Friendship and respect

Avalie ++ Friendship, + Respect

Sayra + Friendship and Respect

Ria ++ Friendship and Romance

+ Arland Court

+ Corval Traders

+ Wellin Nobles

Average Anaele + Friendship

Penelope + Friendship and Respect

Cordelia + Friendship and Respect

Gisette + Friendship

Avalie + Friendship and Respect

Sayra + Friendship and Respect

Ria ++ Friendship and Romance

Not skilled Sayra + Friendship

Ria + Friendship and Romance


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