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"Your desk is so overflowing with presents that Jasper is giving it the same worried look as he rearranges them that he normally gives you when he's afraid you are going to commit some faux pas."

At the beginning of week 3 gifts are exchanged before the matchmaker's breakfast. The MC may give and receive gifts from delegates, and may also receive additional gifts depending on their other relationship and approval scores.


See: Gift Giving Guide

Any gift which costs money increases merchant approval by a small amount. Spending money isn't always the best gift though.

The best gift gives ++ to both friendship and respect. Second-best gifts, of which there is usually one or two, give +, neutral gifts don't change relationships, and bad gifts give rivalry points.

Delegate Best Gift Worst Gift
Ana Scabbard (best) Cosmetics (worst)
Avalie Impossible riddles (best) Fancy cosmetics (worst)
Blain Cravat pin (best) Letter (worst)
Cordelia Lace gloves (best) Pirate ship (worst)
Clarmont Letter (best) History of Revaire (worst)
Emmett Travelogue (best) Bouquet (worst)
Gisette Thin Gold Bracelet (best) Decorative Flowers (worst)
Hamin Winds Charm (best) Lock picks (worst)
Jarrod Fancy Hunting Gloves (best)
  • Letter (worst)
    History of Katyia (worst)
Lisle Mad Pirate Grapeton (best) History of Rakes (worst)
Lyon Puzzle Book (best) Manual (worst)
Penelope Letter (best) Eye kohl (worst)
Zarad Painting of Night Sky (best) Book of Love Poetry (worst)



  • Anaele - letter opener, +5 to self-defense and warfare
  • Clarmont - calming tea, +5 to poise and people
  • Emmett - flower satchel, +5 to charm and flora and fauna knowledge
  • Gisette - perfume, +5 to charisma and people
  • Hamin - +5 to street smarts and cunning
  • Jarrod - choker, +5 to courage and warfare
  • Lyon - history book, +5 to intelligence and academics
  • Woodly - ring, +5 to beauty and people
  • Zarad - flower, +5 to charisma and people


  • Cordelia - painted fan, +5 to charm and etiquette
  • Jasper - +5 each to eloquence, courage and grace (dependent on relationship)
  • Penelope - chocolates, +5 to charm and flora and fauna knowledge
  • Ria and Sayra - cosmetics, +5 to beauty and practical skills


  • Avalie - Onvu board, +5 to intelligence and cunning (Avalie's gift is quite difficult to earn)


  • Yvette (historians) +10 history shockingly enough
  • Mrs. White (rebels) +5 courage, practical knowledge
  • Anonymous (weavers) +5 manipulation, politics

Side note

If you made a mistake during an attempt to befriend prince Jarrod, it is possible to avoid him lashing out at you by either not sending him the hunting gloves or sending him the "worst" present as it would prevent the romance stats from increasing. This choice however would merely lock the confession scene, making it so that his romance point remain. As of now future consequences in week 6 and 7 remain unseen.

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