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Falon is a Chaperone from Jiyel. See also Falon Script.


The uncompromising general of Jiyel serves as one of the four Chaperones. You have a feeling that anyone faced with his potential wrath would be too intimidated to ill-behave.


The General stands upright, all steel and iron, his expression stern, his dark eyes serious. He wears his hair, still dark despite his age, pulled back into a short pony-tail, and even though it is a formal event, he wears his scale armor.


General Falon is fierce, determined and capable. People like the General, with his famous tactical abilities and uncompromising reputation, are a large part of the reason the other kingdoms know better than to underestimate Jiyel, despite its small size.

  • He tends to find young people more of an annoyance than anything.
  • He’s one of those people who believe that valuable opinions = experience = age and has a harder time respecting the younger generation.
  • He’s very focused on performing his duty while at the summit (which generally means giving the Jiyel delegates lectures on performing *their* duty). 


Falon is married.


Week 1[]

He opens up if you talk to him about poetry at your very first meeting.

Week 2[]

Week 3[]

At some point, the MC can run into him teaching a class on fighting, which boots battle strategy.
Week 4

He interrupts the play near the end. Depending on the MCs skills and choices determines if the play will be a success.


Grand Duke Woodly[]

At the Summit, he is seen arguing with the Grand Duke.


  • He and Jiyel MC have never met before the summit
  • The creator agrees he is respect-worthy but it would depend on your point of view if he is trustworthy and wise. Confirmed he is not romanceable, he would even send a 100 pages long stern letter to your nation if you flirted with him.[1]
  • Falon is married.
  • Consequently, of the chaperones, he has the least amount of planned content.[2] 


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